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  • Day64

    Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia

    August 2 in Serbia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    This is our last stop in Serbia and it's a quick one with so many giggles. We walked through the town and found a river with a man-made beach. It had several playgrounds to try out and tasty food. Addy loved the corn on the cob. As we walked home, we noticed a building with old Roman ruins in it. It was closed, but they had big windows so we could see parts of the Imperial Palace of Sirminium. It was discovered in the 1950's, but dated back to at least 294 A.D. when it served as one of four capitals of the Roman Empire.

    Most hotels we stay in the girls build a tent or make a cave. They made a great one at this stop with Seth's help, so I had to take a picture to share. It took up over half the room and utilized over ten hairbands. It is the little things that make life more rich. They said that the tent was their favorite part of this stop! Seth also did different braids for each of the girls after showering that night, because they like to wake up with curly hair sometimes. They looked extra cute!

    My favorite part of this stop was all the giggles. They giggled while walking to the river, giggled on the "ice cream go-around", giggled while playing in the tent, and giggled while eating pickles. They had so many giggly break downs where they just fell to the ground. At one point Mabel grabbed a banana, but the tip broke. She exclaimed to the bigs, "I still love it guys." They were in the middle of eating pickles and just lost it giggling to the point of crying. Addy ended up upside down giggling with a piece of pickle in her mouth. That pickle ended up in her nasal cavity and it burned.

    Addy's words of wisdom: "Don't laugh, while eating a pickle upside down."

    I wasn't sure about visiting the southeastern parts of Europe, but I am so glad we did. We are headed north now and will be back to using trains in a couple days. That means we will need to lighten our packs and get our walking shoes ready. Back to backpacking!
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    Beautiful! Who braided it?

    Blanck Adventures



    That has to be your work, Lacy. very nice! I'm wrong, aren't I!

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