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  • Day4

    Diving Day 2 - Ngemelis

    May 31, 2016 in Palau ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    We headed to Ngemelis Island for the second day of diving. We joined dive guide Sergi and several new people including Ron and Brigitte (from Guam) and Jim from SF.

    The first dive was German Channel, a passageway dredged when Palau was under German rule. We saw a scared octopus, white in color, being chased by a fish. Brittany also spotted a mantis shrimp and a leaf fish. The visibility was relatively poor and unfortunately we didn't get to see any manta rays at the cleaning stations.

    During the break between dives, we were joined by a pod of dolphins swimming and jumping just in front of the boat.

    The next dive was at Dexter's Wall. This was a very relaxed dive and provided lots of great photo opportunities. Brittany got pictures of sparkly shrimp in anemone, and we saw several turtles.

    For dinner, we headed to the nearby Carp restaurant, specializing in local, Filipino and Japanese cuisine, per recommendation from our Tasmanian friends, Marguerite and Peter. In fact, we unexpectedly met said friends at the restaurant and they joined us for dinner. We exchanged some fun stories and learned about their sailing journey halfway around the world.
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