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  • Day5

    Diving Day 3 - Ulong

    June 1, 2016 in Palau ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    In a pretty wild coincidence, we were joined on the boat by Nico's coworker Craig who was spending a few days in Palau on his dad's, a pilot, layover.

    The first dive was Siaes Tunnel which started with a decent to nearly 100 ft into a hole with lots of beautiful coral along the wall. Upon leaving the tunnel, we swam along a spectacular wall falling off into the deep blue, along which we saw lots of small stuff, a feeding turtle, and a large pufferfish. This was definitely one of the best dives to date.

    The second dive was a repeat of Ulong channel, this time the other way. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures because we anticipated strong current, but the dive was great. Tons of grouper, several sharks, and many other creatures.

    The third dive was on Siaes Corner, picking up where Siaes tunnel left off. Again, tons of color, big sea fans, and just overall great diving. We even got to try out the reef hooks, connecting us to the floor to watch the marine life in the current.

    For dinner, we stopped at the nearby Drop Off Bar for tasty fish tacos (by recommendation) and Poke. The view overlooked one of the many bays and offered a pleasant atmosphere while we dined.
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