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  • Day1

    YYC --> FRA

    July 28, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    And just like that we are en route to Ukraine. Tyler and I chose the Sunday flight way back when the trip was arranged which gets us there right when the tour starts. A few days ago I might have said I wished we left sooner in the weekend... but right now I’m feeling like we made a great choice!!!

    We spent much of the last two days organizing everything we need and being thoughtful about which clothes to bring. I think I managed not to overpack. We also stayed up until 3 AM both nights. The logic on whether this will help us with the time change is dicey, but watching “It” with Christine and Jordan on Friday and having a Stranger Things marathon last night sure was fun! Tyler was actually the first one nodding off during the show last night... a rarity!

    This morning we slept in and put the final touches on our packing. Kelly drove us to the airport which was lovely. There was no line at all for security and very quickly we were have a meal with a few of the other dancers travelling out on the same flight.

    Our first flight is Calgary to Frankfurt. We didn’t pay to select seats in advance and were a bit disheartened to see there were very few options for seats when we checked in last night and the only option to sit together was at the very back of the plane. But as it turns out we are in the back row where it’s just the two of us and some extra room by the window! Worked out better than we thought!

    Now the adventure begins.... the plane is about to start moving!

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