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  • Day2

    Germany Once Again

    July 29, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The plane departed from Calgary and we were immediately faced with the challenge of deciding what to do on the flight. Looking through the in-flight movie system showed that they had tons of selection. Or do I play some video games all flight long? We landed on watching The Crimes of Grindlewald together, which was a movie we had been meaning to see. Initially it wasn't captivating me that much, and then I look over to my right and I see Brooke sawing some logs. And we were barely an hour into the flight. So I pulled out my 3DS and got through some of a Pokemon game.

    Brooke woke up probably 45 minutes later, right before the dinner service. Since we were right at the back of the plane, they only had the pasta option for us. But since we just ate at Chili's we were ok with it. Finished watching the movie together, overall too many characters to follow but the over arching story was interesting.

    Afterwards, Brooke figured it was time to sleep some more, so she pulled out the sleep mask, travel neck pillow, and in-flight blanket. I played some more Pokemon. Brooke was kind of in and out of sleep, not being that restful. She blames the noisy babies in the back of the plane with us.

    I later turned on another movie, Venom, which was great! Hadn't seen it yet and found it really interesting. Brooke decided she wasn't sleeping that much and found one of her favorite movies, Singing in the Rain. She was giddy the whole time and bouncing along to the songs. So adorable!

    Eventually I pulled out my Nintendo Switch and started to make some levels in Mario Maker, an excellent way to pass the time and stay awake. Brooke watched part of the recent Dumbo movie. Pretty soon they brought out a light breakfast and then we were basically landing in Frankfurt. Didn't sleep a wink on the flight!

    My lower back was hurting from my seat cushion being in a weird position. Hopefully it calms down. We got off the plane and found our way to the next security check in. Poked around the terminal for a bit and found a great spot to have a German lunch with our friends Stephanie and Tom. Brooke was really excited to have German beer and food. We shared a sausage platter along with Paulaner beer. Reminded us of Octoberfest. Also order two pretzels and took one as a road pretzel.

    Waiting to board the next flight and then we will be in Kyiv!

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