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    • Day9

      Bullit train old area and marketoday we

      August 24, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Today we did the old area magnificent we had a variety of teas in the tea house so nice.
      Then we went to French/western district had the best Aussie Angus burger at shake n shake putty we don't get that quality was 47yaun $10
      then on to bullit train omg when the other passed at 400 km the sound barrier goes boom frightened the shit out of me. Not even sure if the video captured it as you can't even see it it's that fast.
      Now the market oh my god me and markets we won't say anything about that.
      We ran into barb and rinny zyzabelt told him he still owes me a beer for running into him.should have seen the look on his face when I yelled out
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    • Day30

      Besuch im Fake-Markt

      September 7, 2016 in China ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

      Da es heute leider in Strömen regnet, kürzen wir unseren Spaziergang am Bund ab und besuchen statt dessen in Pudong einen riesigen Fake-Markt. Er grenzt an das Museum für Technologie und Wissenschaft. Hier wird alles verkauft, was das Herz begehrt. Man darf nur nicht davon ausgehen, Qualitätsware zu bekommen.

      Auf alle Fälle ist es eine gute Alternative zum Regen. Außerdem gibt es diverse Restaurants in diesem Bereich, so dass wir hier noch selbstständig zu Mittag essen gehen können.
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    • Day21

      Greenland Being Fun Plaza

      February 18, 2019 in China ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

      It was absolutely pouring today, on Poppy’s first day back at work, so Mommy and the kids decided to explore the local area just a tiny bit. We discovered on Google Maps a Tesco’s a few subway stops away and were going to check it out. However, due to heavier than expected rainfall, Davy wisely suggested that we try to find what we needed at the mall by the subway station before actually going in.

      So the “mall” by Zhongke subway really is called Greenland Being Fun Plaza - classic bizarro Chinglish name! It is however not apparently all that fun. It is a weird mix of overpriced and hence empty restaurants (I mean it is located right next to a uni campus and so they should have thought to cater to student salaries), one Carrefour-like convenience store (it was Davy who noticed the use of the same logo with different colours), a pharmacy that only sells cosmetics and a couple of cafes.

      At this festive time of year, Greenland is guarded by a giant pink Christmas (?) tree by the entranceway and was strangely deserted given its proximity to a student population. Anyhow, hope that they figure out how to reshape their offerings to better suit the target clientele - we managed to find a little bit of roast duck and pork, which was all that the kids wanted, and a loaf of bread for Poppy. Enough to enable us to head back home and out of the rain.
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      Chinese tesco?? As in, proper British tesco, in China?


      Yes! Same logo at least! We are going on the weekend to check it out - hoping to find butter (apparently a rare find in China), eggs and cheese!

    • Day41

      Bohai Dining Hall @ShanghaiTech

      March 10, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      What would we do without Bohai Dining Hall’s second floor build-your-own-bowl noodle soup station?! The kids love being able to pick their own ingredients and quantities, Poppy loves that he can easily concoct a perfectly vegetarian meal, and Mommy of course loves the world peace! The nutritive quality of the meal is rather high and completely customizable - talk about win-win-win! The only challenge is trying to convince the kids to diversify now that they’ve have found their go-to option.Read more


      happiness all around. Looks nice, too!

    • Day46

      Noodles, noodles and more noodles

      March 15, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Happened by this noodle joint, that honestly doesn’t look like a noodle joint or even a restaurant at all. Seriously, not even a picture of a bowl of noodles or any other form of food! Fortunately our hunger encouraged us to consider all potential options, no matter how remote. Upon sticking our heads in the door, the menu looked more promising than the decor - rare as it was to find Mommy's favourite pork and pickled cabbage雪菜肉丝面 combo on offer - so we decided to stay for a quick supper.

      As we were waiting for the food to arrive, observant Davy asked what it meant that there was a yellow not-so-happy face on a certificate in the front of the restaurant. We never did figure out if the middling score was a prior assessment of food quality or hygiene (by this point we did not quite want to know)! We did however ask Davy to share his keen observations of any similar nature a bit sooner next time. We are happy to report that it was a decent meal in the end and as of this writing all tummies are still feeling well.
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    • Day33

      Ants go marching: Yanggao M to Fangdian

      March 2, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

      It is pleasantly surprising, the number of Shanghai street corners that are randomly adorned with truly bizarre displays! This fine example was found on Yingchun Rd between Yanggao M and Fangdian metro stops: A couple of really giant ants and a funky pathway through the magic garden, just adjoining the crosswalk to get across the street. It is rather bizarre, but the kids love them and it helps to keep a longer walk interesting. We all clocked 17k steps today in the end - yah!

      Other highlights on the rainy walk between the Science and Technology Museum and Fangdian Carrefour included David's Digital Shop, which was full of Lepin LEGO knock-offs - it actually took us awhile to realize that instead of LEGO City it was Lepin Cities - a “real” Chinese supermarket (i.e., no English name) which stocked authentic Swiss Familia Crunch’X muesli - first time seen in Shanghai!

      When the rain was really dumping down, Davy and Meg developed an innovative solution leveraging the two empty backpacks as hands-free personal umbrellas. Go go gadget crazy creative children!
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    • Day15

      Scaling Shanghai

      July 6, 2017 in China ⋅ 28 °C

      Everyone who comes to Shanghai’s Pudong area goes up a tall building of sorts to look down on this massive city – hopefully on a relatively smog less day. We decided to go one better and hang off the side of a building 340m above ground. Basically we enjoy dangling off a terrifyingly high ledge with nothing but a safety rope to stop us from plunging to our deaths! We were strapped into harnesses and given a basic safety check i.e. tug on your straps, it is China after all! We were then led out onto a glass ledge less than a metre wide to circumvent the highest fenceless, transparent walkway outside a high-rise building in the world.

      The first 60 seconds the view could quite frankly go to buggery! It was enough to look where your feet were going, preferably not too close to the edge! With heart rates settling, our guide thought it would be a great idea to step off the building or even sit on the edge. The skywalk offers amazing views of Shanghai’s economic hub and beyond, even on a smoggy day.

      Having survived our experience, it was back underground for the Shanghai A.P. Xinyang Fashion & Gifts Market – Pudong’s biggest “fake market”. The kids were in seventh heaven spotting all their must haves, and Robin was scuttling for cover, afraid I was going to be pummelled, as I started bargaining at 10% of the original asking price.

      There are many places to go shopping in Shanghai, mostly in shopping malls. Leaving Robin resting, I took the kids shopping to all the shops they rarely visit. Imagine 5 floors of Forever 21 and a building filled with sporting brands – you get the idea!

      Don’t believe the hype about Visa and MasterCard now being widely accepted, cash is still very much the currency of choice. Even places who advertise that they accept them only do so on the days they feel like it. We have luckily found that the Bank of China and China Construction Bank readily take cards using Cirrus or Maestro, most others don’t. Shanghai is a little easier in this respect than other places in China.
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    • Day50

      "The best things happen by chance"(Dori)

      October 15, 2016 in China ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

      Oder um es mit den Worten der Frau am Checkin-Schalter zu sagen: "Ich habe leider nur noch Mittelsitze frei. Hm... Ach, wissen Sie was, ich setze Sie in den Gang auf Platz 32J. Das ist ein super Platz." Was hatte ich für eine Beinfreiheit!
      Morgens um 6 Uhr chinesischer Zeit zeigt die Airline ein lockerndes Bewegungsprogramm (mit hoher Beteiligung) zur Verbesserung der Blutzirkulation und auf den Einreiseformularen kann man nachlesen, was Aliens alles nicht dürfen...
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      das mit den aliens??? sind das die monster im TV? bewegen tust du dich aber nicht. lg melke

    • Day9

      The futuristic city of Pudong

      April 14, 2012 in China ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      The weather improved today, at least I could see the top of the buildings.........still no sunshine. Anyway time to pay a visit to the futuristic part of Shanghai, Pudong.

      The metro took us to Lujiazui station, a big station btw really close to the impressive Oriental Pearl Tower. The tower once the tallest building in China today it remains as the most iconic building in Pudong. The design is futuristic resembling a rocket ship. Lots of people around, being Saturday people come for a stroll around here.

      Even though the Pearl Tower has a platform view we decided to go to the SWFC instead, main reasons: less crowded, the tallest building in China (3rd in the world) and also we wanted to have photos of the Pearl Tower which is not possible if you are inside the Pearl Tower obviously.

      [PHOTO_ID_L=jinmao-tower.jpg] The SWFC is located on Century Avenue adjacent the Jin Mao tower, another impressive super building second only to the SWFC, together these two buildings are the roof of China, also next to them the Shanghai tower (under construction) will be the tallest building in China when completed (630m), the place will be spectacular with these 3 buildings.

      Anyway back to SWFC, nicknamed the bottle opener due to its shape, has 3 observation platforms at floors 94, 97 & 100. After queueing for 10 minutes and paying the entrance fee we entered a room with a scale model of Pudon, then another room with a promotional video of SWFC and then to the lift (one of the fastest in the planet). The lift took us to the 97F and from there by escalators to the Skywalk on 100F. At 474m Skywalk is the tallest observation deck in the world and offers the best views of Pudong, Time for photos.........

      Leaving level 100F we went down to level 94F where a coffee and souvenir shop are available. There were some restaurants on level 1 but the prices were higher than the SWFC so we went to a nearby mall adjacent the IFC2 tower where there is a food court on basement 1.

      After our lunch we walked to the Oriental Pearl tower, bought some souvenirs at the retail shop and then went to the controversial Bund Sightseeing tunnel. For some this is a must do, for others is just ridiculous, I find it quite interesting a sort of mixture between Queenstown's Gondola and Infinity on the Gold Coast, my only problem is that the ride is just too short.

      Anyway the train took us to the other shore of the Huangpujiang river where we spent the afternoon taking photos of Pudong skyline and the Bund.

      Back on Naijing road we had something to eat and then back to the hotel, our stay in Shanghai and China was coming to an end.
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    • Day5

      Statement zur allgemeinen Situation

      August 14, 2017 in China ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

      es wird geschmatzt, gehustet, gepopelt was das zeug hält, europäische benimmregeln gibt es hier so gut wie keine. wenn man sich mal daran gewöhnt sind die chinesen doch ganz sympathisch. ein einfaches und freundliches volk, wird man allerdings erstmal als touri identifiziert, wird man hier vorwiegend abgezockt, besonders bei taxifahrern und kleinen läden um die ecke. zur verständigung kommt man mit englisch hier nicht sehr weit, nur in größeren hotels oder bahnhöfen wird englisch gesprochen. alles andere regelt man mit händen und füßen oder mit dem google übersetzer. apropos google! app's wir facebook, instagram oder eben auch google sind hier von der regierung gesperrt. da muss man sich alternativen suchen ;)

      heute geht es für mich mit dem zug (553 Yuan, 80 €) weiter nach peking. abschließend muss man sagen, ist Shanghai eine hochmodernen stadt und genau so wie man sich Shanghai vorstellt, laut, überfüllt aber doch charismatisch und gut organisiert.
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