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  • Day14

    Cheater cheater

    September 19, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    I keep cheating on this trip. And today I counted the stages and the days I have left to walk, and I am going to have to cheat if I want to get to Santiago by the 5th of October.

    Yesterday I left beautiful Gijon ...... At 2!!
    What happened, welllll check out at the hostal was at 12, so I had to take advantage of that, and when I was ready to leave, Kristien sent me a msg that she was on her way to Gijon, because her slipper!! (Aka flip flop) had broken!!! Just before starting one of the most difficult stages of this camino! 😂😂😂 This girl is a hoot! She is too funny!
    So I decided to wait for her to say hi and ended up walking through half of the city to find a room for her for the night. She ended up staying at the hotel with the dinosaur 😬.

    So I went on my way en route to Aviles. The road out of Gijon was ugly, but interesting. A lot of heavy industry, like ArcelorMittal. Then a long walk through the woods, only the lonely, and finally for the last 5 km, I took a train. It was already after 6, my foot was hurting and I just wanted to get to the albergue.

    Finally in Aviles.... Another nice town... I just love Spain..... I arrive at the albergue, and there is Lina sitting in the kitchen. She offered me leftover pasta, which was heeeeeeeerlijk! So thankful! Only thing left to do was take a showet and go to bed! Slept hopi bon, af en toe awake and a snore here and there, but all in all a good night.

    This morning, I had already decided that I was going to take a train to the beach, so I would skip the industrial outskirts of Aviles. I had a tortilla with bread at the beach, heerlijk. A lady came to talk to me to ask if I was doing the camino and offered me cafe at her house, but it was all the way on the other side..... I had to be on my way anyway.... I started my camino around 11:30 and arrived here at Morus de Nalon around 4:30. It was a nice camino today, very peaceful, although sometimes when I am walking in the woods all alone, it is kind of scary. But then I think, there is probably always a peregrino/a not far away, walking behind me.... Not such a good thought, when you are with your bare ass in the air because you have to pee for the 100th time ...... 😝😝

    Btw, I walked the whole route on sandals today and it went well! So happy I bought them last year. Ciaoo
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    Jeanine Greijmans

    I want I want

    Jeanine Greijmans

    Aijajai arme eze

    Jeanine Greijmans


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