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  • Day12


    September 17, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Wow, another beautiful Spanish city, Gijon, capital of Asturias. I would like to tell you that I successfully completed one of the most difficult stages of the Camino del Norte today, but helaas...... I cheated AGAIN 😂😂😂.

    Yesterday, I was kapot when arriving in Villaviciosa from La isla. I had walked more than 20 km, it had rained off and on, my shoes were wet and I had pain in my right foot. So much so that I took off my boots and walked the last 2 km's on slippers. So when I read last night, thAt the etapa Villaviciosa to Gijon was one of the most difficult, I said....... No way Jose!

    But let's go back to Villaviciosa, on my way there I stopped in a little town called Colunga, which was about half an hour from the town where I had stayed the night (La Isla). It was raining off and on again and according to the forecast, it was going to rain the whole day.

    Once in Colunga, I had a choice to make, do I take the bus to Villaviciosa (half hour ride) or do I walk five hours. Eventually I decided to walk, motivated by the fact that Lina, the german girl I had left La isla with had walked on and also I didn't want to quit walking just yet.
    So after having lit a candle in the church of Colunga for Mimi, I went on my way.

    After about an hour, I get a msg from my friend Lina, with her location......... She was in Villaviciosa already!!!! 😳😳😳😳
    Turns out, while walking, another german pilgrim she got to know, who was going to Villaviciosa by taxi! (Speakin of cheating 😝) passed her and stopped, and she decided to hop in the taxi !!!!! Pffffff

    Anyway, I don't regret having walked, it was nice and didn't rain too much. It is just at the end that I really had to take off my boots.

    When I arrived in Villaviciosa, I went to the appartement where my friend Mari-jose and her boyfriend Vasile were staying. They took such good care of me, I wasn't allowed to do anything (no complaints from my side 😁😝😜), I took a warm shower (finally) and they cooked for me! We talked and talked and talked! It was so great seeing them again, such nice people! I stayed with them at the appartment and slept like a baby.

    In the morning, we had breakfast and all of us had to pack. They were also leaving today to Madrid. Our buses both left at 12, so no one was left behind feeling sad.

    I arrived in Gijon at around 1 o'clock and followed a german pilgrim I met the day before, who was also on the bus, to the hotel he was staying at to see if there were still rooms available........ I am happy to say that tonight I am sleeping al alone, i have my own bathroom, heeeeeeeeeeerlijk 😂😂😂. Ofcourse, first things first, I took a siesta, after that I washed my clothes and then I went to enjoy this beautiful city. Echt de moeite waard!
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    Karen Van Unen

    Love the hippy pants!!!!

    Karen Van Unen

    Nice and comfy

    Jeanine Greijmans

    Heeeeeel erg mooi!!!

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