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  • Day109

    Counting mistake

    July 8 in England ⋅ ☁️ 68 °F

    Miles: 3.6 Steps: 8825
    Flights stairs: 8

    Well we’ve traveled thru 15 countries so far - 13 flights, 9 trains, 10 long distance buses and 3 ferry’s … all without a hitch. But this week I discovered my first mistake. We’re under the Schengen Visa which allows us to travel freely throughout Europe for exactly 90 days. I had checked my days and double checked them - but I forgot to count a travel day from Norway to London as being in the EU. I put it down as just a London day, even tho I spent half the day in Norway. Big Woops. If I let it go, that would put us in Europe for 91 days and be in violation of our visa. Google is torn - some say I could be fined, or even barred from ever returning. Some say, the immigration officer won’t even notice. But Jordan and I being fairly cautious decided to not push it.

    So today we had to extend our time in England one more day and not head to Germany as we had planned, cutting our time in Munich by one day, which is a bummer, but figured better safe than sorry.

    We had to change our flight from today to tomorrow, and the only flight available to do that was out of Manchester! So … we jumped on a bus and rode north 5 hours so we can fly out tomorrow for Germany, and guarantee we will only be in Europe exactly 90 days.

    Was a hassle but thankfully the UK buses are great and very inexpensive .. so no worries. But, nothing to really show of our day as the countryside didn’t look much different than the US to be honest, once we got out of London.
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