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  • Day110

    Boring Travel day

    July 9 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    Miles: 4.7 Steps: 10999
    Flights stairs: 10

    It was a boring travel day for the most part. We flew from Manchester, England to Munich, Germany this morning. It was very uneventful. We almost had too much time. We got there way early, made it thru security, took our own sweet time having a great breakfast … and then realized our plane was on its final call and RAN thru the airport to be the last one let on. Lost track of time. Woops. But we made it.

    We’re getting VERY good at handling all the mass transit in every city. I think back to the first few weeks and it’s a night and day difference. So much easier now that we’ve got so much experience.

    After dinner headed to the movies and saw “Thor, Love and Thunder” - it’s a must to see every Marvel movie as it’s coming out when traveling with the massive Marvel geek that Jordan is. It’s still a treat to see the different theaters in each country - and just experience “life” here.

    We’re back in hostels for awhile - it’s the norm in most of Europe. The next two nights we’re in a really nice one tho. Brand new. Bunks with privacy screens, small lockers, lights, charging ports and personal fans right in the bunk areas. Such an experience living like this. I’m sure I’m the oldest person in this whole building tho!!
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    Wow! Good thing you're not claustrophobic.

    Christie Mitchell

    It’s actually not too bad. Some are so tight you can’t sit up.


    Silly me! I never knew(thought about the fact) that both of those Ferris wheels were pods and not seats!😂😂😳🙄

    Christie Mitchell

    The pods in London held almost 30 - this is much smaller. They look to hold 6 or so