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  • Day54

    Up we go, 3600ft straight up

    May 21, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌬 8 °C

    Today our plan was to do a fairly aggressive hike up to some peak. We found what sounded like the perfect hike and drove to Mt Alfred, just outside of Glenorchy. Unfortunately the directions didn't result in a clear entrance to a path so we drove around for over an hour before finally getting better directions from a cop. Unfortunately now our starting time wasn't giving us a lot of room for error being that it could get super sketchy and cold after sundown.

    Anywho we started our hike. From the get go it was up, literally straight up. And it never stopped, approximately 3500ft up in just over 2 miles. We started at about 1000ft and rose to 4510ft. By the end we were taking 100-200 steps and resting.

    A couple hundred feet from the top we hit the tree line and then it was almost like rock climbing except at this point my legs were not very enthusiastic with this idea of reaching the summit. Begrudgingly they made it.
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