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  • Day29

    Day 29: Lost in the shops of Hong Kong..

    June 26, 2017 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    As it says in the title, spent the majority of today completely and utterly lost in several of Hong Kong's shopping plazas.
    Wow. Never seen so much choice, variety and labels - as far as fashion goes It's free for all here and anything goes (colours, slogans, tassels, layers, pom-poms, sparkles, etc). Also never seen so many designer shops, (two Gucci's on the same street?!), selling beautiful, wacky and expensive wares. Some cool shops in our budget too - had lots of fun in the cosmetics department of one in 'Times Square' testing the wine flavoured lipsticks mmm.

    After wandering the plazas and boutiques started to make our way to Kowloon to see the famous 'symphony of lights'. What a complete ball ache!! After asking several concierges and information points still managed to get lost and ended up on the pool deck of a swanky hotel! Not bad but in the wrong place so had to leave and got caught out in the lifts for some very exclusive apartments. Emma got fed up of the metro, so we tried the bus but that would take too long so found ourselves in a taxi hurtling towards central pier to catch the show.
    Was it worth it? 3/10 to be honest...Gill's critical appraisal included "it's not really Disney". The view was good, however the music, 4 lasers and couple of flashing skyscrapers were not...

    To add to our many modes of transport today, took the ferry back across to the island. On the way back, managed to find discounted tickets for our trip to Disneyland tomorrow...very excited!

    Gill & Em x
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