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  • Day107

    Nice surprise after sudden wake up

    September 6, 2019 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    I actually had two mornings. Or two wake ups:
    First was at 5.30h in the morning after just 3hours of sleep. Actually I told myself, that I wanted to take care more about myself and look that I get enough sleep. As sleep is the best medicine. I think, that the one night in Santiago with a good 7hours of sleep was the reason, why my hurting tooth got well again just in one day.
    Nevertheless I offered a very special person to be the private chauffeur from the airport-hostel to the airport. It was just 1km, but a very dark und dodgy area for a woman to walk alone at night.
    So I really got woken up by her at 5.30h and I played the private taxi driver. It was early, but it was a pleasure for me to do her this favor.
    I came back from the airport and parked my van somewhere in nowhere close to the airport.
    Luckily I could manage to fall asleep again,... Just got woken up a couple of times by some aggressive dogs, who were barking whenever someone passed by.
    So my second wakeup was, when someone was knocking at my van at about 9 o clock. I climbed down from the first floor of my mobile castle to the ground floor to see who is knocking.
    I immediately told them: "sorry!" because I was blocking their gate. At night I was not aware that it was a gate, because it looked like a normal wall.
    My feeling of "feeling guilty" and "the people must be angry with me" vanished after seconds when the guy told me, that a Volkswagen bus like mine is his dream. He told me that he has the older version, VW T3 from 1983, and we were chatting in half Spanish, half Portuguese about the VW Bullies.
    He asked me if I would like to come in for a coffee, what I really appreciated.
    I had blocked the gate of a workshop, where they modify cars to be able to transport disabled people and wheelchairs.
    I got in, we were talking, and finally they were even drawing their dreams in my hexagons.
    We had a funny time!
    They told me, that they will be in Germany next week at a exhibition for their show cars and after I told them, that I was working as a car designer for some years and did the Papamobile for pope Benedikt, we exchanged our contact data. I will update that later.
    That was a really nice company and really friendly, warm-hearted people!
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