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  • Day190

    Garage life

    November 1, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    My Car is up for repair in Dushanbe. Second garage. In the first they "ordered" the part, due to arrive in 10 days, just to be told after 7 days, it's not available.
    Am now at another garage. They apparently habe the part at the end of next week. Appointment at 10am, it's now 1055am. Tajik time! 10 probably means 11! So plenty of time to observe.
    Lots of garages are located here on this plot, and a lot of activity going on, however not of that kind you'd expect in a workshop, hammering, sound of screws drivers, clonking of tools.... No, it's lots of men coming and going, lots of discussions over cups of tea, lots of phone calls being done, then the men that went are coming back, just to disappear again. And all the cars are standing in their booths, unattended. I really wonder how long this all will take today. And if I really get the parts in time before my visa runs out.
    It's a miserable, rainy day, so I'll have a lot of fun walking the city with my country dog.
    But Overlanding can't only be fun, some hardships will increase the joy once everything runs smoothly.
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