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  • Day2

    China Airlines

    September 15, 2018, Philippine Sea ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    The reason we chose China Airlines was its Premium Economy was half the price of any other airline and the reviews we excellent so we were surprised only half of the 31 premium economy seats were occupied. The plane, a A350-900 looked near new. The cabin staff were excellent, there were even toilets for Premium Economy passengers only.
    The menu was a bit of an issue, especially for MDW,
    but to be fair the airline is catering for a more Asian clientele. In saying that, duck is a popular meat for their meals.
    We managed to get a few hours sleep in before breakfast at 3am. Breakfast was noodles and duck or chicken sausage. Seriously “duck” for breakfast, let alone chicken sausage. Fresh fruit was our choice.
    During the flight we received complementary slippers and toiletries bag. MDW has a collection of the completely pointless bags, still in their original plastic wrapping. Now as we get 2 per flight it means we end up with 8 on a return trip. Considering we are trying to keep our luggage weight down I see a looming issue, let alone lack of space in our wardrobe at home where we have a dedicated shelf for these items. Should I tell MDW I disposed of her airline toiletry bag collection a month ago?
    I tried the one size fits all slippers but failed badly.
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