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  • Day12

    Santa Cruz sightseeing

    July 20, 2018 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Our guides had planned a program for the morning and gave us free time in the afternoon. It resulted in a day of exploring and sightseeing. First we caught a taxi boat in the harbour that took us to see the sight of german settlement back in the old day. These days it's a fancy hotel area. We also went around the coast to see some steep barren cliffs that was a popular bird nesting sight. Here were blue footed boobies, fregat birds, pelicans and many more spieces. We also saw the very popular bright red crabs that climb to anything.

    After that we stopped by a dock that was nothing more than a couple of sticks and from there we walked to Playa de los perros. Apparently it got it's name after a specially big but foul tasting crab the first settlers had tried to eat. We also saw more iguanas and a tide filled pool with sharks in it and had the opportunity to swim in a sea water filled creek before we headed back to the boat to return to the hotel.

    After some rest our family decided to ditch the hotel food and search for something more culinary for the evening. The younglings missed home and went for hamburgers and spagetti. For me the choice was easy, i go for ceviche. I have no big love for the local cuisine but for ceviche. And that rainbow trout we had in Tambo Tanda, that was the best grilled fish i have ever eaten! And when i'm on the subject- coffea! How can a country that produces one of the best coffea in the world serve stinking Nescafé to each meal?! I fail to understand! ☺️☕ However, we went through the tourist shop and bought both coffea, chocolate and some t-shirts to bring. We also took a walk to the dock where we spotted both a manta and some baby sharks in the last rays of sunset.
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