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  • Day16


    August 21, 2017 in Cuba ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    It was naturally a bit of a late start to the day today and we headed off to the museum of the revolution. It was quite interesting from a history lesson point of view, but quite one sided. It would interesting to learn a bit more about it.

    We thought we would get some breakfast despite the fact that it was lunch time so we crossed the road to Sloppy Joe's for our customary Mohitos and a very tasty burger.

    The eclipse was to be at 16:00 in Havana so we walked back to the hotel and went on to the roof top pool area and just chilled for a few hours. It was a lovely sunny day but just before 16:00 an almighty thunderstorm arrived complete with lightening and the sun and the eclipse were gone.

    We rendezvoused again in the early evening and wandered back into old Havana for...yes you've guessed it...a Mohitos. The rain continued to pour and we had a booked a restaurant a few minutes walk away. So we hailed one of those bike taxis and he pedalled us direct to the door of the restaurant.

    The door was locked but they let us in. We thought it was very strange that they would lock the door but perhaps that is for security. Anyway we ordered the food and it was excellent.
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