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    Once in a Lifetime Hike to Acatenango

    March 26, 2021 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Here is the full video documentation:

    Once arrived in Antigua we learned that it is possible to hike to Vulcano Acatenango but the wrote it was a really hard hike. Anyway it was so hard in our heads to do it and we learned that it is even possible to sleep in a tent up on the Vulcano. So we booked a tour and were really not sure if we can make it and to do it with our 6 years old kid. We were told that it is a 10 km hike but we were hiking in the swiss alps 15 km and more with our son before, so we decided to do it!!

    Once arived at the start point of 2354 Meter on a farm we saw the top and we really first understood what we booked. The Hike is up to nearly 4000 Meter and you have to go trough different Zones of Lands, Rainforrest, Stone desserts. So we decided together with the tour Guide that we will rent a horse for our son since it would not be possible withou. The horse cannot go the whole hike but the first 60%

    So we started and after 2 km we now really really understood what we booked. It was so steep, loose ground, stairs - 2 steps up - one back - Air getting more and more less. We had to stop every 50 meter to take a breath.

    The Hike was 5 hours that way and we arrived on the Basis at 3823 Meter. The last 3 km our son has to walk with us since the horse was not able to walk anymore. We were so happy to arrived but also a bit dissapointed because after some minutes where we can see the Fuego which is the active partner Vulcano it was cloudy and foggy and we could not see the Fuego anymore. So we builded up the tent - made a fire and eat the a soup which the guide made for us. The clouds went not away and we were so tired, so that we decided to go to sleep at 9pm and Alexa and me will wake up at 12pm again and check if the fog and clouds may have gone. We set up the clock but we woke up earlier since we heard a big crash outside and - BAAAAMMM!! We went out of the tent - Full nightsky and a vulcano with full of Lava in Front of us exploding nearly every 10 Minutes. Alexa and me were sitting there next to the fire and watch 3 and half hours the full explosions. It was really really cold outside but it was so amazing to see vulcaono exolding and the Lava going down. A Lifetime experience for us!

    At 4am it was planned that we go up to the really top on near to 4000 meter to see the sunrise. Again we had to learn that it is another 1,5 hour hike and it was completly dark. Our Son woke up by himself and we all get Flashlights on our heads. Again the same - Taking a breath every 50 Meters and the feet already hurts from the day hike before. But at 5.30 am we were up on the Top.

    To be honest the sunset was not even that beautiful and it was cold, maybe even to cold. The ground was frozen and we decided really fast to go down again to the campfire. We were told that our son was the first 6 years old kid up there from the guide..

    After a breakfast and unbuilding the tent we started to go down again and even forgot that this will be another 12 km hike only down.... We arrived at 3 pm in the hotel and we all had a hard long sleep - only a short break for dinner and sleep again.

    This was the Hike of our Life - Hard to find a better Hike like this forever ...
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    Tobias Riedle

    Absolut eine der coolsten Wandertouren überhaupt 👍👍 so cool mit eurem Sohn, starke Leistung 👌

    Stefan F.

    Danke- War einfach nur Mega ❤️

    Prashanth Shivakumar


    Stefan F.


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