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  • Day17

    Decisions, decisions, continued

    September 23, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    Returning to our being Floridians, we have become accustomed to not wearing masks. So as we looked where to go next, we immediately discarded the idea of northward, as it seemed we were already very close to the Arctic Circle. That left southward toward New Mexico. But they have a mask mandate, for everyone, vaccination status not a factor, all the time. I did do some research to see when this masking started in New Mexico. It appears to have started about 1880, when some people were worried about their health while talking to train and stagecoach passengers. I have included a photo illustrating the start of masking in New Mexico.

    Since neither Heather nor I wanted to spend our time masked, we tossed the idea of going to New Mexico out the door. But that left Arizona. We could quickly drive through New Mexico to get to Arizona. That would work! At that point the conversation went like this:

    “Yes, we can go to Arizona!”
    “Ok, where would you like to go? How about Flagstaff?”
    “We’ve been there every time we have gone to Arizona.”
    “Ok, how about….. someplace we have’t been yet?”
    “Sure, like where?”
    “Mmmmmm…… ah, ah, how about Yuma?”
    “Are you sure that is the only place we haven’t been in Arizona??
    “Ah, I think so, but wait, isn’t there a prison there that we saw?”
    “So, I guess there is nothing we want to see in Arizona.”
    “Oh sigh, guess Arizona is off the list.”

    To be continued
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    Laurie Towle

    😷🤠 Too funny.

    Tammy Nicoll

    Have you been to Frank Lloyd Weight's Taliesin West in N. Scottsdale? It's like walking through Mom and Dad's house in a larger scale.