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  • Day18

    Decisions, Decisions, Resolved

    September 24, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 57 °F

    I feel like… well I feel many things. One thing that I feel is my kidney stone. It’s as if I had an relative I don’t like (actually I am blessed to like all my relatives and in-laws) move in and be a constant irritant in my life. At some point one’s tolerance breaks and one kick the so-and-so out of the house. Unfortunately, I can’t kick the stone out (I tried with the helicopter ride), I need to wait patiently until it decides to pass. The last stone I had took only a week to pass, but it appears that the average time is about 45 days. Yuck!

    Anyway, I am sorry if this is too much information. But I am doing alright as long as I take my meds. But I would be more comfortable at home, waiting patiently (I need to ask Heather if I am a patient person) for this stone to do something. I also worry about it’s sisters and big brother still up there in the kidney.

    As for deciding where to go next, well, home. There is no rush. Home will be there when we get there, today, tomorrow, next week, next month.

    We feel a bit disappointed that our trip won’t be as long as we had planned, but we are having a wonderful adventure! As long as that is true, we are doing well.

    Heather adds: its not all on Gordon. I think we bit off a little more than we can chew given all thats gone on this past year. But we have had fun, and it has been GREAT to get out and enjoy our great country
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    Kathy Brophy

    We can relate! We’re in the middle of our first multi week road trip. We’ve already decided perhaps going forward we will fly to our destinations…

    Geezers in Paradise

    Yeah, right? When we called ourselves geezers, we didn’t really mean it!! We expect to have the same stamina we had 10 years ago at LEAST!

    Kathy Morton

    Well, you can only take so much roughing it as we get up in our geezer years. I'd say you've done mighty fine!!! It's been great tagging along on your journey.

    Geezers in Paradise

    I guess so!

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