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  • Jun11

    ...and some days it rains

    June 11, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    And the wind blows 20 miles an hour, and it hails a little bit... but yesterday was still another day on the Camino. When we woke up in San Miguel to steady rain, I’ll admit I thought about asking around for a bus schedule, but John shamed me into putting on my poncho and toughing it out. We fast-walked to Somo with one lovely breakfast break, then rode a ferry into Santander.

    Our ferry ride from Laredo to Santoña a couple of days ago was quite different. We followed the Camino to a beach where we expected to board a 9:00 am ferry. But there was no sign, no dock, nada! Soon there were perhaps 20 of us, some with bicycles, waited anxiously hoping to see a ferry. At about 8:50, a local woman walked up to the beach, wearing nice shoes, and John said, “That’s a good sign!” Indeed, just after 9:00, a small ferry pulled right up to the beach and we walked up the gangway. Sometimes you just have to trust the universe.

    We’re still walking on asphalt, but the N-634 has given was to quiet country lanes a small roads through green valleys with prosperous-looking homes and farms. In the coming days we should see more of the coast.
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    Ruchard Marler

    So well written. Feel like I am there. But today’s post truly makes you pilgrims. Wind, rain, no problem!

    Heath Haley

    What is going on with that woman? Is it a woman? Covered in mud?