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  • Jun13

    You'd think we would have learned?!

    June 13, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    After 2 nights in Santander (big city, 1 million people), we had a short walk yesterday to Boo de Pielagos, arriving about noon. We were staying in an adorable little albergue — maybe the nicest we’ve seen — and the owners were still busy cleaning and preparing for guests. We dropped off our packs and sauntered up the street to the local restaurant.

    Many Spanish restaurants offer a “menú del día,” menú of the day — 2 courses plus dessert and wine or water, for somewhere between €9-15. This is the kind of food the Spanish eat, not really geared to pilgrims. And after about 3:00 pm, the menu is finished and there’s not much available till 8:00 or later (when we want to sleep). So we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves for having timed our lunch just right.

    We chose our first courses (lentils for me, leeks with ham and sauce for John). The waiter then gave us choices for the main course: stuffed chicken breast, pork with potatoes, or fried fish. Ah, fried fish for John!! But just like the “calamare,” we didn’t ask any follow-up questions. So when the waiter brought John’s fish, well... see the photo below. Whole fish, all curled up and looking like something in a natural history museum. But John was a trouper, said it really wasn’t bad, and he ate most of it. Oh well, another lesson learned!

    Nice walking the last 2 days, but still unseasonably chilly and spitting rain occasionally. We’re feeling fine physically, but I think I’m getting a cold from walking in the rain. I get no sympathy, of course!
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