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  • Day186


    October 6, 2017 in Romania ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Woke up to the front door opening lol
    Some lady popped her head in then panicked and said "sorry housekeeping" then quickly left.
    We were like ehhhhh ok? Lol

    Woke up - nearly 1 hehehheeh
    I emailed dad to organised Skype for the following day and he actually replied 😱😱😱
    We were able to organise a skype date then and there 👏🏼 mum was high and probably won't remember though...
    had to hang up because time was moving fast and our tour was starting in an hour and we hadn't looked up where to go.
    Pretty easy - straight down the road for 1km
    We were the first there but the guide was waiting.
    She had great English #winning

    Waited for everyone then we started...
    First stop was 30 meters away from the fountain we started at - she pointed down the boulevard to point out parliment.
    Parliament is Bucharests biggest attraction. It is the 2nd biggest building in the world coming in behind the pentagon.
    It already looks freaking massive but It also goes 90m below the surface. Apparently top gear did an episode racing through their tunnels hahah

    They had a dictator and he is the one who built the building and the surrounding boulevard. He was sentenced to death after being a dick.
    😆 my enthusiasm on documenting every bit of history through this is fading ..... go google the dictator because it is interesting. 👍🏼👍🏼

    Apparently a lot a lot a lot of artists come do concerts and call them Budapest and it pisses them off hahah

    We then walked to a church where people got crowned. Romania had 3 sections and this was for what sounded like the Velakia section.
    There was also a white building behind us that is now a resturant where some document got signed - emancipation from the Ottoman Empire maybe?
    She dumped so much info and didn't always clarify things so not sure.
    She had lots of great picture cards showing us the things she taught.
    Like what things use to look like etc.

    Next was a statue of Vlad the impaler. This history lesson I found to be the most interesting. Despite him being aweful they still view him as their forefather - a letter from him to someone is the first record which mentions Bucharest "he signed our birth certificate"
    He impaled a lot of people... such a horrendous way to die. Could take 48 hours.
    He lined the streets with 200 men as a warning to the bigger army approaching.
    What a loon.

    We then went to the museum and posed in front of a statue that everyone hates. It was silly but I kinda liked it lol. It's a man holding a dog with big boobs.
    Nearby was the palace of bank which was a lovely building.
    Another Aussie dude was on our tour and we chatted to him at our mid tour break at GLORIA JEANS 😭😭😭❤️❤️ I was so excited. Starbucks sucks.

    Next was a little monastery. Goodness me churches are much more beautiful than mosques.
    When the dictator dude built the boulevard 40 churches were destroyed. Some of the remains were in the courtyard.
    8 of the churches were saved and literally moved on a cart and tracks.
    Next we walked to the university square where she talked about communism and the communist dude again 1984-89.
    Lots of people have died in the square - it was and still is used for protests.
    We were gonna give 30 Lei but the people before me all gave 10 so I kept the extra 20 hahaha so all up we have about $3 👊🏿

    Our house is really close to the university square so we walked home - I have about 2 weeks of a plumbing block to relieve- and so I did ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
    We went out for dinner then came back home - we watched game of thrones and did some base planning for our Romanian plans.
    Just relaxing and it's great.
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