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  • Day237


    November 26, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We had a proud team moment this morning - we got up in time for the free breakfast 🎉🎉🎉😂

    We then went back to bed through because both of us are just not sleeping.

    At 1:30 I had a shower. It took me 2 attempts to figure out how to use it. I had to ask for help haha

    This hostel is dirty 😩

    There is a 1km street in Milan that is suppose to be the most compact shopping street in Europe but everyone gave it crappy reviews so we skipped it.

    Instead I found a badass cemetery on trip advisor which looked cool because the Italians always do the most overboard mosaliems ***

    Long walk but we entered a really nice area. It's got a lot of construction underway but will be a contender in the future for a hot spot I reckon.
    It had some wonderful eco buildings.
    We finally arrived and at first we though we had to pay to enter which I think would be outrageously disrespectful - especially for those who have relatives inside but we didn't. False alarm lol it just has a lot of security.

    Righto, so, this place was intense. The sculptures and crypts were so over the top. Even if you didn't get a house you got a statue.
    I loved how old some of the photos were. One lady died in 1897 and she had a photo.
    Some graves were beautiful. But still unnecessary.
    The leafless winter trees made it extra creepy.
    Scooby doo and the gang would visit here.

    We walked around for a while but my tummy was chatting so we went next door to China town.
    We found a delicious resturant. My Cantonese fried rice was just like the stuff from Kennys 😭
    We only spent $31 so that's great. We are trying to only eat once a day so we spend less than 50€.
    Today as significantly under budget 😎

    Will didn't bring an appropriate jumper so he was freezing so we did also buy metro tickets to get us home.
    the system was similar to the British so we figured it out.
    It's 1.50€ for 90 mins of unlimited travel.

    Got home and crashed hard.
    I fell asleep around 6 and it's now 1:22am. I'm awake 🙄 lol
    Venice tomorrow. I've had another look at the hostel and it has a lot of hidden costs. Some tax they are gonna charge us on arrival and we have to catch an expensive boat to actually get there 😪
    Still keen though.

    Some weirdo fate thing that I end up in a cemetery the day I would normally go visit Nana.
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