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  • Day8


    September 11, 2019 in Nepal ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    So today can go fuck itself. 😂😂

    Had porridge for breakfast and I reaaaaaally had to push to eat it. Lots of climbing today.
    I’m at Tengboche at the minute and turns out in my rush this morning I think I have left my good merino at Namche. Gutted. Gonna freeze 😂

    Anyways off we went.
    Up up up for the first bit. The same Heinous route we have done 3 times now 🙄
    But then we had a beautiful 1.5 hours of mainly flat and smashed out a few K’s. Fav part of today hahah.
    Along the way there was a dude taking donations. He uses the money to make sure the path stays in good condition. He only wants small change so we gave him 20 rupees which is literally nothing but I only had 1 thousands.
    The views are spectacular but unfortunately the snow capped parts are currently covered by cloud.
    Will is feeling like total crap today. He didn’t sleep and has the on set of a cold.
    Willpower is the only he has for pushing him today.
    We went DOWN 200meters to have lunch meaning we had to refucking climb it. But before lunch we had a tea break at some place - sun was so bad I actually put sunnies on. I took them back off to walk agin. Can’t stand them.
    We crossed a suspension bridge and finally reached lunch. The toilet was gross but not the worst. It at least had the compost to help with the smell.
    Of course I had to have a poo on the way 🙄
    But my aim was true. 😂💪🏻

    We sat for about 40 minutes having lunch. Every meal now we get table chips. Great idea. 10/10.
    Really enjoyed their version of hot mango too.

    And so became the cunt part.
    2 hours to climb.
    Up and more up and up

    And Up

    More up.

    Still going up.
    Will was dying.
    I’m actually really proud of him.
    He wasn’t talkative and kept to himself but pushed on.
    George insists on talking or singing stupid ass songs.
    The amount of dad jokes is just unbelievable.

    We finally made it 😭😭😭

    Sitting in a cloud. Lots of cows just grazing and a random horse.
    Our tea house will do.
    It’s shared toilets but they are the cleanest I’ve seen.
    We are on the second floor though and the altitude is really starting to effect our breathing.
    1 flight of stairs and we have run a marathon.
    It was about an 8 hour hike today.
    We are now sitting at 3875m.

    We had about 20 minutes to gather ourselves and change clothes etc before we headed over to the monastery.

    Never updated this from earlier - Lucy and George are strangers, not married.

    Anyway the monastery had wonderful colours.

    We took our shoes off, walked in to the main hall had a look at the beautiful bigass statue of Buddha mixed with other stuff. Also the beautiful roof paintings before we all sat against the wall on foam mats.

    We sat informal silence and meditation until the monks came in.
    They stood in their spot, (rows of wooden benches with robes waiting) put on their big fluffy robe then sat. We sat there for an hour watching them chant. There was a lighting of candles thing going on to. But only one monk did that.

    LOVED the first 20 minutes.
    From then on I really needed to pee, I had such BAD pins and needles, I was cold and a little over it tbh. They don’t move. They just sit.
    One dude was full of yawns though. Lol

    So pleased when they were done lol.
    Wish I could have filmed. I got a sneaky super shitty blurred photo once they left.

    Ran to pee at the tea house.

    Dinner and an early night.
    Will is already asleep. Took him 3 mins max.
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