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  • Day76

    Day 76 - The Final Countdown

    April 24, 2017 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Our penultimate blog - don't worry blog fans, yesterday might have felt like the last day but there's 2 more fun days of semi-transit to write about before the bitter end!

    We started our Monday adventure at Brisbane airport where their free wifi log in page told me that I don't have a valid first name. So I changed it to a stereotypical old school Aussie name, Sharon, and it worked. (Yes slow day)

    Matt's highlight of the day was at security. A guy a few in front of us pulled a bottle of wine out of his carry on and put it into a tray whilst the rest of the queue giggled knowing that would be a no no. Then a few loose pills fell out on to the counter cueing more giggles. Obviously the wine was binned. And I think it's probably a story where you had to be there.

    I ate a classic sausage, egg and chips breakfast, bought an eye liner - well we did have $30 to spend - and then it was time to board the Quantas.

    The flight was really good. I like long day flights, an excuse to watch films without pressure to sleep. Our choices below with critique:

    - Edge of Seventeen - I enjoyed it. Similar tone to Juno. Funny.
    - Arrival - Excellent, if a little confusing. I did take a nap part way through. I cried twice.
    - Lion - Matt and I watched at the same time. Excellent again and I cried three times. I'd blame the emotion of flight but I'd have cried on the ground too. The little boy in it was excellent.
    - Singin' In The Rain - Cause I've never actually seen it that I remember! Very good, not the story I imagined, for some reason I thought it was sad.

    - Arrival - Good, lost its way towards the end.
    - Room - Good, better than expected.
    - Lion - Really good, but unfortunately got something in his eye towards the end 😉

    Hong Kong arrival all smooth. Our hotel is on Hollywood Road and has a weird Hollywood theme - see photos. There is however a choice of firm and soft pillows for our last hotel night. Then again the Premier Inn has that.

    We went to watch the Light Show after missing it when we were here in February. I did warn Matt it was a tad underwhelming. It's cheesy but entertaining. My favourite bit is when they introduce the buildings at the start 'FINANCIAL TOWER 2' *quick light flash* 'FINANCIAL TOWER 1 ' *quick light flash* and so on. I love the sky line so always worth it for me.

    Dinner was the tapas restaurant I went to for my birthday last year and a Tesco buying trip favourite, Iberico. The manchego and black pudding potato bombas were excellent in particular. But all good, none of it made me cry. We had a couple of drinks before heading to bed watched over by creepy mirror Hollywood stars ready for our last day.
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    Jill Coxon

    So funny xx

    Jill Coxon

    Think he likes you Helz xx

    Eddie Coxon

    What was the name of the cruise ship 🚢 😁

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