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  • Day6

    Latrabjarg bird cliffs

    April 21, 2016 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Don't know who put it so far away and on such awful roads, but the cliffs were awesome.

    Very dramatic and covered in birds. The real attraction is the number of Puffins, but being early in the year I managed to spot 3. Which is 3 more than some people who had left.

    EDIT - Added a zoomed in version for those who can't spot the puffin.
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    Wanda Johns

    No photo of puffin?

    Hywel Johns

    I couldn't get too close, but I'm pretty close. He's right in the middle of the first picture, on the ledge.

    Hywel Johns

    There, I've added a zoomed in version. There are better pics on the camera, but the phone doesn't have a zoom lens.