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  • Day4

    Monsoon Season

    July 3, 2017 in India

    Hoping it stops raining before our "sunset" trip to Tak Mahal. Oh well, an opportunity to catch up on some sleep. We were all falling asleep at the table last night...

  • Day9

    Jaipur, the pink city

    May 29, 2017 in India

    So, we finally had a train that was on time and this time not overcrowded. Yey! On this train we met a bunch of students heading to jaipur to do medical school entrance exams. Apparently there are 1000 places a year in India and over a million apply, so chances are very small. They were pleased to meet us and taught us some hindi words. One wanted to go and do medical research in America and the other to work as a doctor in India.

    We arrived in the evening to our hotel moonlight palace. I was sad to leave our last relaxing stay but this was a cheaper city break hotel at a mere 8 pounds a night with a balcony and AC. It was decent and the hotel staff very friendly but also quite pushy with booking taxis for us to see the city at inflated prices (even if this is 15 pounds for a day of sightseeing for 2 of us, believe it or not this is inflated! ) we said we would sleep on it, but we booked in the end for a hassle free day as we only had 2 days here and the sights are far spread out. It saves a day of haggling with tuktuks and inhaling fumes with an AC car anyway.

    Breakfast was good, they have a great roof terrace overlooking jaipur with iced coffee and Nutella crepes. Yum. Lassi was good too. Turns out the dinners were the best too with the best spring rolls I ever had and all freshly made for us. The man had to go out to buy the ingredients whilst we waited. Talk about fresh!

    We then headed out in our AC taxi "no seat belt no probem" was heard again. And "no wing mirror no problem" also present again. We visited 2 hill forts. They were interesting with great views but we were absolutely dying from the heat today. By far the worst day the only day it really stumped us. 47 degrees and blazing sun all day. By 10.30am we were done in. Taking any oportunity for shade and a rest it was a tough day. A shame as some very interesting old sights to be seen.

    After the forts we visited amber palace, the most famous in Jaipur on another hill with some killer steps to climb in the sun. It was beautiful. A guard told us the king used the various rooms to hide his 190 wives and girlfriends in. He then of course wanted paying for this bit of information when we offered him a small gesture he mocked us saying it was child's money. Dale promptly told him to shove it then. In India there are 2 kinds of people. Ones who want money for anything eg directions, advice, even if you did not ask for them in the first place. The next just want to chat and find out about you with no bad intentions. They then want your what's app and Facebook. It is very hard to tell the two apart this is the trouble! We start saying no to everything but then you miss out on meeting all the interesting and lovely people we have met.

    Next we were taken to the none optional clothes shop...We did not buy of course. The taxi man then decided he no longer wanted to talk to us. We were silently taken to the monkey temple where we climbed 200 steps to the top and there were only 2 monkeys as they decided it was too hot and left for the hills. We agreed...and went back to the hotel at 3, dying a little and frazzled.

    Luckily there was a huge storm that night, crazy wind woke us up and a power cut meant a night without a fan or air con but this brought a wonderful cool in the temperature so today was a mere 38. Much more bearable! (Can't believe I said that!)

    We declined more pushy sales today and went it alone today to see the old city of jaipur. It is a walled city surrounded by pink walls hence the name pink city. And interesting place we visited the hawa mahal which had some interesting artifacts some from 7000bc! We then walked through the bazaars haggling over bangles and the like but my big hands meant they did not fit. Rubbish.

    We then decided to escape the heat and head to the largest cinema raj mandir to watch a bollywood movie. We watched "half girlfriend" which was mainly in hindi but switching between this and English. It was pretty good but very cheesy. Surprisingly despite the language barrier we knew what was going on and followed it even enjoying it! The Indians whistled everytime the characters kissed and it seemed talking on your phone is allowed. The cinema was a lovely old building. Before the show we met a lovely Indian family with a little 1 yr old who we were playing with and then they invited us to their house. We did not have time to go which was a shame. They export clothes to China and the USA for a living. So many interesting people to meet people love talking to us and of course they had to have a selfie and then the whole cinema has to have one too. "One selfie sir" is never one selfie....It is 100.

    Now on the train to our next stop. Heading to north India now, out of the heat and to a mere 34 degrees. Spending one night in Haridwar and then Rishikesh next door. Both towns on the ganges at the foothills of the himalayas famous for yoga. Looking forward to chilling out for a few days until our trek starts Saturday.

    Unfortunately our train had sold out of AC tickets so now have no air con for 13 hours. Luckily not too packed this time like before but very hot and noisy as all windows have no glass just bars on. Lots of train noise and people selling chai tea etc walking up and down calling "chai chai". This by the way is so nice. A bit like rice pudding flavour tea. Lots of spices. Yum.
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  • Day3

    Day 0

    June 26, 2017 in India

    I am writing this text after going out for some drinks. It is 8 o’clock and I am back at the hotel. Instead of going for an all nighter we went home to prepare for the next day of probably boring introduction talks. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE MY JOB! Can you believe it? Me missing out on a party in a great city. We even meet Indians from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and America. They showed us around and even got us into an after party.
    Ok, ok, back of a little bit. What happened so far:
    Today was the second day of TWU. We actually only went to the office to do our tech setup, which most of us did the night before. We finished quickly and where back at around 12 am. David (Australian working in Germany), Daniela (from Chile), Pedro (Brazil), Laura (Brazil), Simoa (Brazil), Alvero (hopefully I got your name right, Chile) and I were going out to eat at an expensive Indian place with alcohol. So alcohol is prohibited in India and hard to come by in my opinion. The entrance was expensive but included a buffet and all you can drink beer and wine.
    So we met these Indians. One was working in a German Company and another for Microsoft, a Sewer Architect and an economics student. They showed us around and really brought a different, more prosperous perspective on India. They were like us. But suddenly the mirror shows how little they acknowledge the poverty around them. Finding excuses for their own passive behaviour and being defensive on inequality issues. We had a fun night anyway, but it got me thinking about my own behaviour. Even though you see problems every day, we do nothing to solve them. I feel so ignorant right now…
    (posted a day after writing)
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  • Day3

    Day 1

    June 26, 2017 in India

    So the first full time working day in the office was a lot of fun and exhaustive because we were not getting our full break times. All the worse, I was sick from the ice in a drink from last night. Dehli Belly they call it. So to counter I pumped myself full of pills and survived the day. Because of a public holiday revolving around the end of ramadan, it was hard to get food as most places where closed. We went for Indian food again. Obviously! Cheap, tasty, spicy, lots of it, addictive.
    In the evening we went for a second round of Qwinto. We laughed so hard on every roll of the dice. Afterwards we played Heads Up! A game where you guess what name is written on your forehead by the hints other people give you. Also quite funny. Ask me about it in a quiet moment and we probably are gonna have a blast.
    Apart from that we are getting along very well. It seems ThoughtWorkers around the globe are alike. We share a common goal and mindset. Critical discussions about corruption, Brazilian elections, Hypocrisy in charity and the ever lasting battle on who has the worst educational system rule the day. I learn so much and want to know more. This place is slowly but steady turning me into a better person. Tomorrow is formal Tuesday. That means I have to dress up and show of my amazing blue shirt. HOT AF (so I have been told, obviously by a guy…)
    Thanks for reading, here is a dinosaur. (For you gaggers out there)
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  • Day1

    Welcome to Goa, the “Party Capital of India”! The ever vibrant, happening place has a lot to offer for those who are travelling even on a tight/shoestring budget. Explore Goa for less than 4000 and be a smart traveller!

    Churches Calling

    Goa is home to several beautiful churches which are brilliant examples of early Baroque, late Renaissance and Portuguese style architecture. Some of the not to miss churches here are Church of St. Francis de Assisi, Basilica de Bom Jesus and Church of St. Thomas among others. The delightful architecture and sheer magnitude of these churches are sure to take your breath away.

    A Paradise for Shopaholics

    Shopping in Goa spells Anjuna Flea Market for most of the locals and tourists as well. The beachfront market opens every week on Wednesday and offers anything and everything under the sun. Tibetan thangkas, silver jewellery, Rajasthani textiles, trinkets are in great demand at this market. Want to explore all this and much more? Book your flights to Goa via ixigo well in advance to get the best deals.

    Local Transport

    One of the best modes of local travelling in Goa is to take a scooty ride across the wide streets. Well, there are other options as well- cabs, tour buses, jeep rides, etc. but scooty ride is something you cannot miss when here. You can hire a scooty/bike for approximately INR 400 to 600 per day and I am sure you are going to love every minute of your journey! It is mandatory to carry your driving license along with some ID proofs such as PAN card, passport, etc.

    Another interesting option is the ferry ride as it is actually a joyful feeling to explore Goa on blue-painted passenger-vehicle ferries that cross the state’s many rivers. These are pretty cheap and offer frequent services on routes like Panaji to Betim, Old Goa to Diver Island, Querim to Terekhol and Cavelossim to Assolna.

    Beer, Beer Everywhere

    Can you believe that beer is actually cheaper than water in Goa? Yes, that is true! Quench your thirst and throw all your worries to the wind when you are here. You will get a beer at INR 50 at shacks and local restaurants.

    Foodies’ Delight

    Goa is a true delight for foodies as there is no dearth of options for a good, hearty meals. The legendary beach shacks take care of your hunger pangs without being heavy on your pocket. The staple breakfast diet is banana pancake, French Toast and Pastas. But the best bet here is the Goan cuisine and almost every place in Goa offers an interesting range of seafood, cooked to perfection!

    Budget Accommodations

    You can rent serviced apartments/small villas on a sharing basis in Goa, with tariffs ranging from INR 800 to INR 1000 per night. There is an array of nice, budget options in Goa which are perfect for a comfortable stay without shelling out too much on accommodation.

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan a trip and explore Goa on a pocket-friendly budget.
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  • Day14

    Varanasi ll

    January 31 in India

    Up at 6am to go and watch sunrise on the Ganges, it was pretty impressive, made our way back dodging the many goats and went back to hotel for breakfast. Then went on a tour of the local Silk making industry both handmade and automated, very interesting after which we were shown some silk wares and eventually offered Chai tea as is the custom and then made a few purchases before heading for lunch

  • Day2

    Plot No. 272, Vapi

    February 26, 2016 in India

    Paras's 30th bday surprise cake with all his fav things in life... Friends hideout in bedroom, small small gifts appearing during the course of the day :) cupcakes with banners of his most frequently used lines :) his 1-29 years photo memory decorating the most special place on earth - where we live !

  • Day1

    Palitana, Hastgiri

    April 1, 2016 in India

    Religious trip, family trip, Climbing the serene 3500 steps, Knowledge shows about our real geography, Religious museums, My pre birthday cake in train, shopping, hanging around in eve for unoque local food like live fruit ice cream and muchh more

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Hingoli, Hingoli District, منطقة هينجولي, Distrito de Hingoli, District dHingoli, હિંગોલી જિલ્લો, हिंगोली जिला, Distretto di Hingoli, हिंगोली जिल्हा, हिंगोली जिल्ला, ହିଙ୍ଗୋଳୀ ଜିଲ୍ଲା, ضلع ہنگولی, Хинголи, हिङ्गोलीमण्डलम्, ஹிங்கோலி மாவட்டம், హింగోలి, ہنگولی ضلع, 辛戈利縣

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