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  • Day133

    Good riddance Gili Air!

    June 29, 2017 in Indonesia

    We got off the island! The island that initially brought so much joy but ended up providing us with our worst travelling experience to date. We boarded the ferry and at first there wasn't any seats available so we initially sat at the back of the boat when we departed from the island. With the roar of the engine we sped away from the shore and the bad memories this place now holds for us. After ten minutes the staff made someone move their bag off their seat so we moved inside where it was quieter and Nick sat on the steps while I took the seat. The journey was long and included a stop at Lombok but we finally made it back to Bali where we were swamped by lies and people trying to rip you off straight away. There were around 20 guys showing us the same shuttle bus tickets we had that we purchased with our ticket and they then asked where we wanted to go. Once we told them they said it'd take 3 hours because it's the last stop and that they'd take us privately for £18. I didn't believe this. It made no sense to me why each bus would go to the same places and not separate people into areas. I insisted on going back to the travel desk and we're so glad we did as we got our shuttle bus to an area near our hotel for free and it took an hour. Just unbelievable how many people try and take advantage. Around 120 were on that boat and only 12 including us made it to the correct point to get the free buses so they know people fall for it. We were dropped off and after and quick break in KFC we found out we were only 10 minutes drive away. It took a while to find a taxi but we made it to the hotel for £2.40 instead of the £18 two guys quoted us on the pier, result! The hotel is lovely. Our room opens out onto our own private decking and then straight into the pool. Just bliss and it feels we can relax and get over what happened here. We chilled out for a while and looked through my old phone which the burglars luckily failed to find. It was in my day backpack which they emptied but must of gotten caught on the top of the pocket it was in when they tipped it out because it was still in there when we got back. We looked through all the precious photos and videos of Aeryn and became even more grateful they didn't manage to find it and it also means Nick has a phone to use as well. We had dinner at the restuarant next door and both had amazing curries. We treated ourselves to drinks as after all it was a celebration that we've got through what has happened, we're both safe and both know what happened could of be a whole lot worse. Onwards and upwards!Read more

  • Day134

    Always time for an arcade

    June 30, 2017 in Indonesia

    We've had a very lazy day today, something we both needed. We had plan to go in the pool after breakfast but it was freezing so putting our legs in was as far as we got! Maybe tomorrow we will attempt a swim. We spent time this morning reading and relaxing before having a coffee and snack for lunch at the resturant next door, that we visited last night, before heading to explore the area. We found a few department stores before finding a nice modern mall further down the road. The mall had an arcade so we had fun playing on the games for a while and trading our tickets in for some fab animal print pencils and a pencil sharpener designed as a watermelon segment. I mean what more could you want! We considered going to the cinema but unfortunately there wasn't anything showing we fancied. Instead we found an Italian resturant for dinner where we had a 50cm pizza for £7 and it came with free ice cream after as well. We were expecting an elongated pizza but nope it was a circle that's 50cm around. The amazing thing is that they also offer a metre width pizza as well! Can't even imagine how they fit that on their small tables. Luckily it was quite thin so wasn't too filling or stodgy which was a bonus. So quite a lazy day or not doing much but something that was needed for both of us to unwind and relax.Read more

  • Day135

    Pool days are the best days

    July 1, 2017 in Indonesia

    What lazy people we have become. We've had another day of doing the bare minimum which has actually been fantastic. As you can see I wasn't afraid to jump into the freezing cold pool. Nick on the other hand was being a little less care free. I did however overestimate the depth of the pool so I hit my knee on the bottom as I went in, not really the cool entrance I'd hoped for. Turned out the pool is only shoulder height, oh well, this week has been a time of living and learning. We swam and messed around in the pool for a while, making full use of this luxury before we head off to Australia. We also read our books and eventually decided maybe we'd been lazy enough and we should shower and head out and get some food. Our last day in Indonesia is tomorrow and we have a flight at 1:10am on the 3rd so it's going to be a very long day, however we do want to see some of the sights of Bali before we jet off. We went and got a drink next door and researched into what we wanted to see and in the end arranged a taxi with reception to take us around for 10 hours ending at the airport. A good way to combine seeing things with getting transport to our flight as well. We chilled out at the restuarant until we decided it was an acceptable time to eat tea. They had a bridal shower going on and it was entertaining and interesting to see the guest decorate the area out ready for the bride to be. With full bellies and feeling fully relaxed we walked the 15 minutes to the supermarket to get snacks for tomorrow's day out exploring before returning to back up all of our things once more. It feels good knowing we doing something a bit more interesting tomorrow but I do feel the whole day is going to be very tiring. We'll see how awake we are at the airport at 1am afterwards!Read more

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