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  • Day143

    Day 143: Kinsale & Cork

    July 8, 2017 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Took our leave of Denis a bit later this morning, and headed eastwards along the southern coast of Ireland. This area is much more sheltered than the coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean, and is noticeably less rugged - more beaches and gently rolling farmland, nowhere near as many cliffs and boulders!

    It was actually only a couple of hours drive to our destination for the day: Kinsale. This is another harbour town, this time on the southern Irish coast. We arrived just on midday and decided to head straight for an early lunch of fish & chips on the beachfront - very tasty and filling, though it was quite slow service!

    Spent an hour or so wandering around the town which was a picturesque little place. It was almost as nice as Kinsale and other "prettiest town in Ireland"-type places we'd visited, but far fewer people. No gigantic tour buses, and no caravans either which was a welcome change. Still plenty of tourists around, but not as crowded as we'd gotten used to. (That said, most of the non-town spots along the Ring of Kerry weren't crowded since we'd gone in reverse order - a fact that both of us had remarked on while driving).

    After an enjoyable poke around the town we drove 15 minutes south to one of the most southerly points in Ireland. There's also a memorial here for victims of the SS Lusitania, a fully-loaded passenger liner that was sunk nearby in 1915 by a German submarine, killing more than 1200 people and making it one of the worst maritime disasters in history - worse even than Titanic.

    It's a vexed ethical question, because although it was a civilian passenger liner, the Germans maintained it was carrying munitions for the war effort. The British and American governments insisted that it wasn't, although in the 1980s secret cabinet documents were released proving the Germans correct (and that it was probably some of the munitions exploding that sank the ship so quickly, rather than the German torpedoes). Remember as well that the USA was officially still "neutral" in WW1 at this point, although surreptitiously supplying arms to the British and French. Most of the lives lost were Americans, and the sinking of the Lusitania was ultimately one of the catalysts for American entry into the war.

    Moving on from the problems of a century ago, we headed for our accommodation - a small cabin style place on the waterfront outside Kinsale. It was a nice little place, though unfortunately the wifi signal didn't penetrate the walls so we had to sit outside to use it! Thankfully our 3G worked fine.

    Spent the afternoon enjoying a rare patch of sun, working on some videos and general internet catching-up. Stayed in for dinner, cooking pasta on the stove.
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  • Day26

    Kinsale mit Pub Abend

    August 12, 2016 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Die Zeit läuft bald ab. Gestern Abend sprechen uns noch ein älteres Ehepaar aus Chemnitz an. Nach einem kurzen Gerede ziehen die jedoch wieder ab. Wir trinken noch einige Havanna und legen uns gut besohlt ab.
    Wir waren bei bedecktem Wetter auf. Haben lange geschlafen. Der heutige Plan: Kinsale. Schlappe 70 Kilometer.
    Die Gegend im Süden ist lange nicht mehr so schön wie weiter oben. Deshalb wollen wir heute nur nach Kinsale um uns dort einmal umzusehen. Soll eine schöne Stadt sein.

    Unterwegs gibt es noch einen Stein Altar der auf 4000 Jahre geschätzt wird. Relativ unspektakulär.
    Regelrecht lächerlich dagegen ist ein "Historischer Wasserfall" (Sind Sie das nicht alle?). Kostet aber nichts und ein Kunst Händler stoppt so die vorbeifahrenden Touristen. Also verbuchen wir das unter "mal 5 Minuten Beine vertreten."

    In Kinsale angekommen sehen wir uns noch ein ehemaliges Kloster auf dem Friedhof an und parken danach am Hafen. Bis 18 Uhr haben wir bezahlt, damit dürfen wir bis Morgen 10.30 bleiben. Die schöne kleine Innenstadt lohnt sich zu durchqueren. Aber schon bald setzen wir uns draußen an ein Pub um doofe Touristen zu beobachten. 😉
    Später läuft hier nur noch Olympiade auf den Fernsehern. Also wechseln wir später noch in ein Pub mit Live Musik. Die ist aber leider nicht Irisch. Aber da wir eh einen sitzen haben torkeln wir in unser herrliches Bettchen!

    Der Tachostand verrät: Wir haben auf diesem Trip die 4000 km Marke geknackt.
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  • Day4

    Beyond the Pale

    September 8, 2018 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    I think Laurie may still be taping her toes after last nights play as we wake up and say goodbye to Dublin. We have our last breakfast at Trinity Townhomes and take a “My Taxi” (its like Uber but with taxi cabs) to the Hertz Rental car and pick up our VW Polo. We have rented many a Polo before while travelling in Europe. Laurie drives, I navigate - we’re both happy.

    We are heading “beyond the pale”, past the safe confines of Dublin and over the Wicklow mountains to Kinsale - we will stop twice along the way; first in Glendalough and then in Cashel.

    An hour out of Dublin, Glendalough is in the heart of the “mountains”, the tallest of which is an ear popping 800m above sea level. Nonetheless the area is lovely and was the home to one of the first monasteries in the world - founded in the 6th century by St Kevin (I find it anti climactic to even type St. Kevin, it sounds like a dude from California). The monastery continued for eleven hundred years, surviving Viking raids, plagues, Norman conquest until.... you guessed it.... Oliver Cromwell and the British came. There are still lots of ruins and being in the mountains some lovely hiking trails, lakes and waterfalls. It is one of six national parks in Ireland and well worth the stop and hike.

    Our second stop is ninety minutes further south and takes in even more winding and back roads. We were lucky to have good weather in Glendalough but our luck does not hold on the drive to Cashel.

    When you arrive on the outskirts of Cashel you are immediately struck by the fortified cathedral dominating the landscape. It is built on an escarpment on one half and fortified everywhere. It was destroyed by.... wait for it..... Oliver Cromwell and the British and stands in partial ruin. We take a guided tour and learn about the history of the castle/cathedral. When Cromwell and his parliamentarian gang conquered the castle they slaughtered all nine hundred people inside. Recent excavations have proven a baby was thrown down a well during that time period and records speak to the atrocities committed. It is said to be haunted but that has not been recorded or proven, but if ever a place.....

    We get back to our car and drive a final ninety minutes to Kinsale. We are staying at Jo’s Cafe and Rooms. It is Camino esque. Clean, simple, small. It is over a bakery. The smells in our room are incredible, is it chocolate chip cookies or maybe brownies, we will have to just wait until morning!

    Dinner tonight is at Fishy Fishy, the highly acclaimed restaurant of celebrity chef Martin Shanahan. A restaurant where the menu mentions both the fish and the fisherman. I have Sean Murphy’s monkfish, caught this morning; Laurie has steak. My fish is paired with a Chardonnay, Laurie’s steak a Malbec. The food is delicious, the atmosphere unpretentious, the service lacking. We wander 400 feet to our little B&B.
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  • Day3


    July 4, 2017 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Nach einer kurzen Pause sind wir ca. 100km weiter südlich in Kinsale angekommen. Kurze Unterkunftssuche in der Touristeninfo. Room for two nights ✅
    Jetzt erstmal essen! Und wie gesund. Das ist man von Irland garnicht so gewohnt 👍🏼

  • Day6

    Letzter Tag in Kinsale

    July 7, 2017 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Heute Morgen total entspannt aufgewacht - obwohl die Nacht echt süffig war 🙈
    Ausgiebig geduscht und zu einem späten Frühstück aufgebrochen.
    Claudi ist schon mal los. Treffen uns später wieder.
    Ich genieße einfach die Leute, den Kaffee und den tollen Urlaub.

    Im Gesamten heute wirklich sehr ruhig! Abends nochmal durch die Bars gezogen....
    Müssen morgen weiter ohne Navi 😢
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