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  • Day45

    Çemberlitaş Hamani

    June 23, 2015 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    The Historical Turkish Bath built by Mimar Sinan in 1584.
    The Turkish Bath was definitely something everyone should experience, I have never been so comfortable being so much out of my comfort zone before.
    When I arrived I was given tokens, an exfoliating mitt, a pair of underwear and the smallest of towels. I paid for the luxury package plus a manicure and pedicure. Included in the luxury package is a bath, oil massage and facial.
    First thing I did was walk upstairs to the change rooms where I striped off my clothes and put on my 'lovely' underwear and towel. I walked back down stairs where the entrance of the bath area was, I did not know what to expect as I had heard so many different things. As I walked in all I could see was BOOBS everywhere! There was a large tiled cicle platform in the centre of the room with about ten topless females laying across it with about four fat women in black underwear standing around the edge bathing the women.
    I was instructed to lay on the platform and wait my turn, I gracefully laid my towl down and laid on my stomach as to kind of cover myself. Soon enough it was my turn I walked over to one of the women, she snatched my towel off of me and instructed me to lay down on my back exposing my boobs making me feel very vulnerable. She poured water all over me, placed on the exfoliating mitt in my pack and began exfoliating my skin, she scrubbed pretty much every part of my body.
    After I had been scrubbed and washed with soap, I was made to sit on the ground where she poured water over my head to wash the soap suds off and then proceeded to wash my hair. At this point I am still pretty much naked sitting on a step.
    I exited the bath area, grabbed a dry towel and went upstairs to the massage and manicure-pedicure section. I got my manicure-pedicure first before having a massage as the masseuses were all busy.
    I was called over by a masseuse where she once again snatched my towel and made me lay on the bed pretty much naked while she massaged every visible part of my body with oil. The massage was amazing, there just wasnt much privacy. The masseuse called over Lisa to say goodbye while leaving my bare ass fully exposed, Lisa definitely got more than she bargained for!
    Overall let's say I enjoyed the experience, but anyone who knows me would know that I would have been extremely uncomfortable with the amount of nudity.
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