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  • Day225

    Day 226: Vintgar Gorge

    September 28, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Another fairly chilled out day. We both slept much better and we were up at a reasonable time, so we headed directly for Vintgar Gorge. This is a long gorge, probably 1.5km or so, with a rushing stream, steep cliffs, quaint bridges and of course some beautiful forest scenery. It's also just outside Bled, and probably the most common day-trip amongst people who stay there.

    Knowing that it tends to get quite crowded and busy, we headed off early - 9am or so, and we were in the gorge by around 9:15am. Only a handful of cars in the car-park which was a good omen! We took about an hour to walk to the far end, stopping quite a lot to take photos and coax Schnitzel along the boardwalk (he's not a fan of bridges or elevated walkways, or anywhere he thinks there's a drop-off, really). Got some great photos of the scenery, particularly since there was almost nobody around, only a handful of people coming back the other way.

    At the far end was another waterfall, not very high but certainly roaring along at a jolly old clip. Walked down about a hundred stairs to the viewing platform, took some photos then headed back up. Had a quick coffee at the cafe on the end of the walk, then headed back up the path.

    About halfway along we bumped into Shandos's parents, who we knew were probably coming here this morning as well. We'd all agreed that we'd do our own things during the day and meet up each evening, mainly because they were travelling in a group of four and we couldn't transport everyone in the car!

    Shandos's uncle was walking quite slow, so after a brief chat we left them to it. Back to the car, where we picked up more burek for lunch and then headed to the apartment. Shandos alternated between snoozing and working in the afternoon, while I did more work and planning. Dinner again at the parents' hotel restaurant; third night in a row but we didn't mind since the food was good and not overpriced (though we were being shouted).
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