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  • Day100

    Moving Day

    October 4, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 102 °F

    We enjoyed our 7 day stay at Villa in Scottsdale.

    We drove 3/4 hour to pay a visit with Norma. I first met her 4 years ago on a cruise and she also joined us our February 2020 cruise.

    Then today, we stopped at Zach Whaleys home and shared our journey with him and his family. Zach has come to Guatemala and we’ve hosted him as he did some major counseling with some missionaries.

    He encouraged us and said “don’t feel guilty for something you can’t control. Turn that into being blessed.”

    We are now at the Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Center just north of Tucson. Glenn is meeting folks from the Mexico branch.
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