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  • Day59

    Damn fine day at WAC Bennett Dam

    August 13, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

    We had another late morning....this seems to be an ongoing theme with us lately. Could be we are just a little more use to this lifestyle, and are more relaxed about the days agenda? Hopefully!

    This stop is really not on the route south, it is a little off course because we thought we would drive out to the W.A.C. Bennett Dam, which is a massive earthen dam, similar (in concept only, not size) to Edison. This dam is huge and the reservoir behind it is the largest in Canada and something like the 7th largest reservoir in the world. This dam and the smaller dam below it, account for about 25% of BC's electrical needs. It was built in the 60s with a lot of controversy, and pretty much wiped out a way of life, homes, and burial grounds for several First Nation villages, as well as a significant amount of wildlife and habitats. The land and water use decisions just don't have easy answers anywhere.

    After the tour we drove across the dam, which was surprising since I am not sure we can do that anywhere back in California these days. There was a nice view point overlooking the reservoir and dam on the other side so we just enjoyed a quiet lunch in the RV.

    Spent the afternoon walking the little town of Hudson Hope which is on the road to the dam. One of the oldest towns in BC, (I think due to its proximity to the Peace River which is a large river), but it is a pretty small town. We walked along the Peace River with Auggie, and through some older historical buildings, and enjoyed their Tuesday Farmers Market. (Bought a fresh baked cinnamon bun!) Some one was there with a box of puppies to sell, so I even got to hold a puppy! It was pretty warm by the afternoon, 78 degrees, and in full sun that feels pretty warm!

    Drove back to Moberly Lake for a second night because we really liked this provincial park and it's on the way back to Chetwynd. This time we are lakeside, and it was warm enough that we were able to enjoy our dinner outside. Barbecue hamburgers (found them pre made with jalapenos and cheese at Safeway) and good ole cabbage and apple salad!

    Nice sunny day, easy driving, beautiful lakes, and puppies, what more could you ask for?
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