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  • Day2

    Back down I84

    March 28, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 6 °C

    We left Portland, again, two days ago after a nice hot shower. We are again headed east on I84 and starting to get very familiar with this stretch of interstate.

    Coming through Pendelton was lovley yeaterday morning. The mountains seemed to be wearing belts made of clouds and the mist sat heavily over the valleys. We stopped at a viewpoint in the Blue Mountains for lunch. The camera on this phone does no justice to landscape photos.

    We woke this morning to a sunny but breezy 40°f in Jerome, ID. I really do enjoy being on open ground. One can see the storms far off. Kind of like when we lived on Kwaj and could watch it raining over the open ocean. But, this time I am watching it rain over grass lands and distant mountains.

    I like this app. It is neat to track where we've been. In 5th and 6th grade I had a caribou tracking project. We would receive occasional emails with coordinates of a particular herd of caribou. My job was to find the coordinates in the map and place a pin in order to watch the herd's movements. Now we have apps that do it for us! And, instead of caribou, I am tracking us.

    We are headed to Brigham City, UT where we will have our mandatory 34 hours of downtime. The upside of this location is that we will be parked at headquarters. Laundry and showers are free in the driver's lounge. Woohoo!
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