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  • Day125


    August 22, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The forecast was for more rain but only patchy cloud and humidity hung in the air as we set out to hike Mount Coot-Tha. As on previous occasions we chose to walk out to the mountain/trailhead as well as undertake the ascent/trail to make one big hike.

    Moving under the shadow of glass and steel towers and across wide roads busy with Saturday morning traffic, we dropped down onto the bicentennial walk/bike way with its colour coded lanes stretching off into the distance, parallel to the river. The walkway was curtained with colourful art and flowers and we drifted along as cyclists and the Citycat ferries zipped past us.

    Cutting back into the city's suburbs, the route to the mountain was not clearly signposted for pedestrians, forcing us to meander through a cemetery to find our way over a motorway and onto the summit road. Once there the ascent began, the air thick with humidity causing sweat to tickle the napes of our necks. Those less energetic (more intelligent) went past in their cars but will power drove us on.

    Approaching each blind turn we hoped to find the summit before us but instead found only more road rising up and turning further away. We could sense we were close as the trees lining the road began to thin and the view became more visible. Yet time and again the road taunted us, stretching and turning, onward and upward.

    Finally, gasping with relief we arrived at the summit. Sitting down on the sculpted masonry of the lookout, we replenished our strength as views of the city stretched out to the horizon.

    As a cool breeze massaged our backs we met Hanley, an Indonesian/Australian entrepreneur who had cycled from his home to the summit with his little white dog, Benji, in a basket. Hanley described how Benji, despite sitting comfortably in his basket would still join him in panting and gasping as he cycled hard into the ascent.

    Once recovered we descended back into the city in time with the setting sun. A golden glow reflected on the river and the glazed faces of office buildings. Joints and muscles groaning we collapsed into our bedroom to contemplate our madness as the coolness of the floor permeated into our backs.
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