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  • Day11

    The Little Village of Majahua

    January 11 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Majahua can hardly be called a village. What’s smaller? A hamlet? It is tiny.

    We went for the 1.5 km walk from our house to the village to see if the lady who bakes bread, had fresh bread this morning. She didn’t but we were able to take some photos of the walk and the village itself.

    The road to town is a dirt road. At one point, we have to cross a small stream that runs across the road. A friendly burro lives on the other side of the stream and it may be nice to bring a carrot for him the next time we do this walk.

    Entering the village, one is greeted by lots of chickens and dogs. They all mind their own business and seem pretty friendly. You can tell that the dogs are mostly related. Haha.

    On one side of the road, there are little lanes that run to the ocean. Fishing boats with nets are parked there and there are a few little restaurants close by. Seabirds sit on the rocks waiting for their next meal. Houses are open to the sea breezes and as we passed them, we waved and said, hola. People here, in general, don’t speak English.

    We passed a two or three roomed school and a nursery school, both empty of kids. Kids can go online, if they have the money to afford to do this. I doubt if any elementary kids go online here.

    We think that there are 2 little variety stores but we have only see one that is open. The lady keeps it very clean and it has all the basics, including specialties like Magnum ice cream! Btw, they are much cheaper here.

    At the curve in the road, there is a condo development. We really don’t know anything about it but maybe later on we will visit it.

    At the end of the village, the dirt road changes to a paved road which goes to Troncones.

    We turned around and walked back to the house. When we got home, we realized that all of our power was out. Our handyman, Jaime, came to turn off the pool pump and we unplugged various appliances. Apparently, a line came down across the road in the area that we were just in. It was fixed by 5 p.m.
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