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  • Day7

    Boca Chica

    December 29, 2020 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    We packed up in Pedasí yesterday morning and hit the road. On our way out from the earth house, our host Luis opened the gate for us. He proceeded to tell us that one of his cows had been slaughtered and taken on the early hours of Dec 26th. All I could think is that I have been dropped into a modern day western movie.
    It so happens we had been woken up around 4am that morning by the sound of dog’s barking, which we thought unusual. One for the story books.
    It took us about seven hours to get to Boca Chica. Not a whole lot of excitement along the way. We had to go shopping for supplies on Santiago which took forever. Thus the seven hours.
    About 10km from Boca Chica we passed row of shacks that were put together with mud and leaves. The inhabitants were we assumed natives. Probably the most primitive dwelling I have ever seen.
    Last night was petty cool. We stayed at Roxie’s fishing lodge. I think we are the only tourists in town. We were invited to dine at the restaurant next door. So before dinner we went to the super mini and bought some wine and ice as they didn’t sell either at the restaurant.
    The rain started before dinner, kids were playing in an outdoor gym down the street and local riding a mule was exercising a beautiful white Arabian up and down the street for over an hour. What a feast for the senses. And dinner was not half bad either.
    We were served a plate with a small salad, boiled vegetables and four each beautiful Langostinos (large prawns). Yummy.
    We are waiting for our boat taxi to Pacific Bay Resort. The next adventure is about to begin.
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    Ian Comerford

    A cow taken 😳 though that only happened in South Africa.

    Donny Foy

    Crazy stuff. Right!

    Ian Comerford

    there must be a huge amount of poverty there. Happy New year 🎉 to you both