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  • Day13

    Castaway Cay

    March 1, 2015 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Well it has been a manic few days. After a very early start on Friday we arrived at Port Canaveral to board the Disney Dream. Stunning ship. Absolutely gorgeous. Even in my tired state I was really rather excited.

    I have a sticker now attached to my badge that says 'Earning my Ears.' This lets people knowing new and that makes them pretty keen towels you out when you get lost (very easy to do!)

    We were then thrown into a workload of classes, tours, introductions and other things. So much info it did get a tad overwhelming. We got our cabin allocations. I was very lucky and occupying a guest cabin at the moment until my actual one is available. Im making the most of it. Tis super comfy! :-)

    I met the Costume Seniors and the other costume techs. I then went and watched 'The Golden Mickey's‘ before dinner with the Costume team.
    Anyway, after a pretty long and tiring day I finally went to bed. So comfy!!

    Saturday threw a whole load more info at us, training etc. I went to watch 'Villains Tonight' and again had dinner with the Costume girls before heading to my room and watching England loose again in the cricket.

    That brings nicely to Sunday, today. A slightly calmer day. Mostly spent in one place. Training in the morning and meeting our lovely captain. We then all experienced lunch in Cabanas, the guest buffet restaurant. Sooooo good!! I was so full. We all sat on the balcony looking out over Castaway Cay. Can't wait to go there on Wednesday!! We were then filled in on the ins and outs of pay, crew entertain and the internet. I then went down former costume training and to watch the signature show of the Disney Dream 'Believe'. It made me well up a bit. Was lovely.

    To bed now for me. Early start tomorrow again for immigration to get the visas for when we dock and want to get off at Port Canaveral.
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