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  • Day9

    Paradise Found

    July 15, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    A new day, a fresh start, albeit late enough to have missed the best of the breakfast buffet. We hoped the crowds would abate when the weekend was over, making snorkelling more attractive, so we decided to explore the jungle instead.

    It took me a while to get over the first hurdle - a single plank across the river, and a lot of the track was muddy, rocky and tangled with giant tree roots, but it was good to be in the jungle again. We saw a couple of monitor lizards, and some Europeans rescuing fish on their flippers but not much else. The journey seemed a lot linger than half an hour and very tough on my arthritic joints and asthma so I was utterly exhausted when we arrived.

    But not too exhausted to take some (bad) photos of tbe dusky langurs Luka had spotted near the tennis courts. Perentian Island Resort was a much classier affair than Arwana, with inferior pool, but a truly magnificent beach, the genuine tropical paradise, well worth our arduous journey. If only we had brought our snorkelling gear. Even without we could see these clear waters were rich with fish. Small sharks and stingrays too.

    We lolled about in the beautiful waters for a good while and then explored the beach. Some members of the party harboured fantasies about relocating at P.I.R. (hang the expense) but Luka advised caution - it's a beautiful day, our own beach may look nicer - so we trekked back through the jungle. Luka was in fine wildlife spotting form, guiding us to more dusky langurs, a giant millipede, squirrels, a vibrant green snake 🐍 and several more monitor lizards.

    Cooled off in the pool and spent the rest of the day lazing. Debated about watching the World Cup Final in a bar further down the beach but we had an early start with our Discover Scuba Diving session so it was not to be.
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  • Day11

    Snorkelling at Shark Point

    July 17, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    A super lazy day with great snorkelling. we lazed in and set off along the beach, the tide fairly high. From subsequent excursions at low tide the following afternoon, we now lnow this was very fortuitous. We rent right to the end of the beach, near Shark Point, hoping we might see turtles, as indicated by the map. This was not to be, but the diversity of fish we saw there was amazing. I went back to try to lure Imi in (shebwas having trouble with her mask and preferred to swim). The rest of the day followed our usual pattern - cooling off in the pool, late late lunch of chicken rice set for those who had the appetite (drinks for others), reading most of the afternoon, and dinner on the beach. This evening we were spoiled with a dramatic electrical storm. Then back to bed and more reading. (add photo of map)Read more

  • Day10

    Scuby Rollercoaster

    July 16, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    At long last the day for trying out scuba diving had arrived. we got up early to catch the beginning of breakfast - much better options today and not nearly so crowded. I was there in an observer capacity as asthma ruled me out on medical grounds. The day started with a few instyctional videos followed by a session in the pool where they practised signals and using the apparatus. Unfortunately the pool wasnt deep enough to practice equalising. A short break and then we were on our way, riding past the mosque on Pulau Kecil, past the wind turbines and onto D'Lagoon. The water was a spectacular turquoise blue and incredibly clear - you could see plenty of fish and coral just from the boat. I'd bought my own prescription mask in case snorkelling was possible. Thank goodness for that!

    Imi, then Luka, then Mike jumped in the water and started their descent. Unfortunately, Luka's ears wouldn't equalise, so we decided to frolic with the fishnon the surface. I tried to dive down a bit but the water was so salty I kept getting pulled to the surface, but we could see plenty from there and the prescription mask worked a treat. Unfortunately, Imogen's earache returned after some time on the bottom so she joined us on the surface too. We had a wow of a time, Mike even more so, seeing stingrays as well as all the clownfish, parrotfish and unknown species we saw everywhere.

    Afternoon spent recovering and relaxing.
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  • Day8

    Paradise Lost

    July 14, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    Although we had two visits to KB scheduled, most of our time there was going to be on Fridays, coinciding with the days museums closed, and it sounded like they had a few beauties. So I was determined to make the most of our Saturday morning, before we set off for the Perhentians.

    It took a long time to rouse Imogen but by 9.30 we were out the hotel doors, enjoying the riverside walkway. We had all agreed the War Museum sounded fascinating, covering the Japanese occupation and the Emergency but alas it was not to be. Closed for renovations. Instead we explored the Islam museum next door, tracing the history of Islam in the region with a sideline in the Pharoahs (Islamic perspective) all brought to us in English filtered by something like Google Translate.

    Then it was time for breakfast. We found a nice breakfast cafe where we only half successfully managed to shake off the crazy who had attached himself to our party. He followed us inside and helped himself to some drinks before eventually giving up on us. Mike had his nasi lemak at last and the rest of us had roti in various iterations (Imi especially loved her roti tissu, encrusted with sugar). Teh tarik all around,

    Journey to Kuala Besut was uneventful but we had to wait an hour until
    our boat departed for the islands. Goats on the beach and diet cokes to pass the time. The speedboat journey was fun and we were dropped off at a jetty just outside our resort (Arwana). Very convenient since our suitcase was so heavy! The resort was shabby as anticipated but the pool was magnificent. The beach itself a disappointment, shallow, littered with leaves and water taxis. We had a bit of a swim but we had forgotten to wear our reef shoes and Imi and I both picked up coral grazes. Mike feeling a bit low from nearly a week of tummy problems, we all felt a bit underwhelmed. But the pool was great and we found a pleasant enough meal two resorts down from our own.

    Went through bed wondering how we would survive five days in "paradise" now my asthma had put paid to our PADI scuba diving plans.

    At least my book, "The Harmony Silk Factory", was an absolute joy. Fascinating history, engaging characters and beautifully written.
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  • Day7

    Journeying to KB

    July 13, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Not much noteworthy since it took almost the whole day to journey to KB. Leisurely start, stumbled on a taxi as soon as we exited the Caratel. We hadnt managed to book a bus online, but had gone far along that route to know that seats might be in short supply, so we readily acquiesced when our taxi driver suggested driving us to KLIA2 for much less than the anticipated price. Which got us to the airport incredibly early but our tickets were not the sort that could be changed to an earlier flight. Still, the upgraded kLIA2 was a fairly pleasant location for grazing on Ipoh food, Old Town Cafe and abundant fast free wifi (almost perfect timing for fantasy teams).

    Flight delayed, journey into Kota Bharu straightforward, the Grand Riverview a very pleasant surprise - as in grandparent, slightly faded and oldfashioned, but very accommodating and full of charm. Two grand adjoining rooms, with grand beds and grand views of the sun setting over the river.

    Our evening adventures were somewhat hot and unpleasant. The Night Market offered neither pirate soccer strips nor culinary trats and it took a long time to eventually find something acceptable in Chinatown. Chicken rice and chicken percek, Imogen still hungry so eventually negotiated some street satays after much debate! Managed to pick up some tropical island essentials (sunscreen, balls and beach mats) so a successful shopping experience after all!
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