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  • Day31

    Bye Indonesia, you were lovely!

    September 18 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    All nice travels come to end sooner or later. But as my friend says it's just the opportunity to have a next one 😊
    Indonesia was amazing, at first I didn't know what to expect but this was beyond all! Big cities, tiny cities, villages, volcanoes, long beaches white and black, diving, dragons, mantas, you name it, Indonesia has it all! And mostly it was just dreamy traveling with my love Lili ❤️, the best companion and our travel/communication officer 😃
    But this is just a pause, Indonesia, we're coming back, we're not done diving yet, so much more to see and explore, so many tiny granmas to smile to. And there is Raja Ampat to explore (🤘). Hope to come back soon. And thanks for all the fish 😃
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  • Day30


    September 17 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Ah, it's last day. I'm feeling a bit sad for having to leave this country. It's so lovely. And we had to wake up early again because Lili found this nice tour around harbor. Yay!
    We got kicked up with tuktuk and taken to harbor. This is where all fish boats are, unloading their catch, huge business. It's also dirty and smelly haha. But this is where all the fish comes to Jakarta. It's quite busy in the morning 🐠
    After we were taken to nearby village where all live from fish. It's more of a slum really 😕 Got some many smiles from little kids and tiny high 5s 😃
    It was a hot day! We went then to the oldest harbour in Jakarta along with the oldest village in Jakarta, where of course are still some Dutch building and all. I wasn't even paying much attention, so hot! We also went to some ship that is about to go out tomorrow, huge! Awesome!
    We ended up in China Town. They have it all, including komodo dragons, which we found quite bad 😕
    Anyways, chilling by the pool now, having last Bintangs before dinner and taxi to airport. I'll miss this country so much 🥲
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  • Day29

    Aaaand back to Jakarta 🥟🌆

    September 16 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    It is time. To start moving back toward Europe. Sucks, I know. We woke up in Flores, few hours later we're in Jakarta again, full of smog. But we have whole Saturday still!
    My Lili found a puppet master somewhere hidden away in an alley to show me shadow dolls, this stuff is amazing! And the guy explained it all, showed us a short play (original is 9 hours long!). This craft been in his family for generations. This country is wonderful!
    We chilled is the city, walked to China Town for good dumplings, yumm-eee! Best ones I've ever had! 😋
    How it's evening time. But we're planning one more tour tomorrow - around Jakarta 😃
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  • Day28

    Komodo 🐉🤯

    September 15 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    I saw a dragon! 😃
    So we took a tour with a (1000 hp haha yeah) speed boat around islands. We started early but soon we got to the Padar island, really famous for the spectacular view. It's around 800 stairs to get to the top. Wow! This island is beautiful! And it has a pink beach, which we visited shortly after. Before that - we saw 2 tiny manstas in the bay!! Ok ok, next to the pink beach 😃
    It's all the tiny red corals mixed with white sand that makes it look pinkish. And it was snorkeling time! This is far from scuba diving but beautiful, you see all from clownfish to parrotfish and whatnot! 🐟🐠
    After about an hour it was the time - to go - to the - Komodo island! 😃
    Komodo is huge. And immediately when walking to a beach we saw first dragon! Tiny, but a dragon haha. We met with guide and started the 2km tour. Soon we saw another one, bigger. I was so happy and couldn't believe I'm finally here seeing them in person 😃 Then you get to see even bigger one, just chilling in the sand in shade 😊 They are soooo cool!
    When doing the trip you see all - eagles, deers, wild boars, apparently also buffalos live here, crazy nature! It is a dry season but I really wonder how this place looks when all green 😊
    Soon it was time to leave for next place - a tiny sandy island in the middle of sea (imagine that). Snorkeling time again 😃We enjoyed this so much! Every coral has so many fish around 😊
    Manta point was also nearby - we tried our luck - all in flippers and masks waiting to jump into the water - sadly no luck, so on to next island for more snorkeling 🐟
    This place is really amazing, so many fish and animals, such beauty! We love this area ❤️
    Ended the day with lobster dinner, which we amateurs don't quite know how to eat, others clean this thing dry, we're too spoiled I guess 🤣
    This is last night in this paradise in Indonesia, tomorrow is our flight back to Jakarta. I'll miss this place but we'll for sure come back!
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  • Day27

    Cave and around 🛵

    September 14 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    It's time to explore the island a bit. Lili is a lady with a plan. And scooter keys 😃
    We could finally sleep longer! And the plan is to see and swim in a cave! Nice!
    We drove on main road until some tiny village where not even internet works 😃 Some guy offered us a boat ride to the cave. It's a 10 minute ride to get there. It's a tiny cave with salt water and you can swim! With all the bats flying above you 😊 It's quite popular. But swimming a bit deeper into to dark cave was only for the lucky few (🤘💪). So quiet in the back especially when our eyes got used to the dark. Nice! After we came out we had to wait for our boat because we've been swimming for a long time haha
    Back in village we enjoyed sitting with locals and had some snack before heading back.
    We've stopped on the way home in some bar with nice view. Well, this place will soon turn into a huge hotel, meh.
    We ended the day with booking a trip around Komodo and nice Italian dinner 😊
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  • Day26

    This diving place is amazing

    September 13 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    This is it! Diving in top 10 diving spot in the world! I woke up at 5:30 by myself, couldn't wait! After meeting with people it was time to go! 😃
    They have a nice boat that took around 8 of us out to the islands. This place is beautiful! We had snacks and everything and drove for about an hour to the first dive spot.🛥️
    My God, this place it amazing ! Sooo many turtles, sharks, clownfish, parrotfish, unicornfish, corals, this is 🤯 Wow, no words how beautiful this is! I've never seen so many fish in one place.
    After first dive we went to second one called Manta point. Mantras swim here in the current, so you go in water in one place and go with current to about 2km away. I SAW MANTA! It was chilling there on a table, with fish cleaning her. Whooooaaa! I was lying on floor on my belly just watching this huge creature, so beautiful! We were lucky, Lili's grouo didnt see any while we saw two! Also some turtles and triggerfish and whatnot. 😃
    Third dive was supposed to be in one fabous spot, behind a rock where tide goes around, sadly it was too strong and we had to move to another location - a wall! Whooooaaa! So many fish and corals again, so colorful! And saw a feather star!! And a big white tipped shark 😊 I love this place!
    We ended up the day with local fish market - you pick the fish and they make it 🐟
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  • Day25


    September 12 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    It was time to fly today to Flores! Yay! Dragons and diving and stuff 😃 But our flight was delayed so we had to wait for like 6 hours. Oh well, fish breakfast time then 🐟🤙 This beach was way nicer and empty, with calm blue sea, it was great to chill while watching airplanes landing 😃
    Flying to Labuan Bajo only takes an hour. This is a tiny town (with a huge modern hotel in the middle hehe). But seeing a harbor gives that pirate vibe haha. We immediately signed up for diving, of course, set up our gear, got the info and we're super excited to go tomorrow! This town is nice, local. With a beautiful sunset over the islands and boats just from the wooden pier at the end of the street.
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  • Day24

    Bye Gili , hello again Bali

    September 11 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    It was time to leave Gili and head back to Bali where we have our flight to last island on this trip - Flores. Yeah, more diving and search for the dragon 🐉
    We had a speedboat and my Lili figured out we can sit on the roof also! Crazy! And some dude was selling beer! This is the way to travel 😎
    Took us around 2 hours to get to Bali and then a good hour of driving to get to Kuta, which is really near the airport.
    Again Lili booked a neat hotel with nice pool and a pool bar 😃 Kuta is loaded with Australians, but they are quite chill, perhaps because they are mostly older, young ones go to Denpasar I guess. But where are aussies there is amazing BBQ! But instead of other things we went to Bubba Gump 💪 All Forrest Gump themed, movie played. Not the cheapest place but food is just crazy good! Surf'n'turf and baby ribs were 🤯
    Bedtime soon, waking up at 6 again, meh 🤪
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  • Day23

    Dive time 🐠🐟

    September 10 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Saturday, dive time! Straight after breakfast it was time to dive! Lilian had advanced dive (deeper), I had regular one. We went to Sunset reef. 15 minutes by a boat and into the water we went. There were tons of corals, fish, we also saw two lovely turtles, one feasting on corals 🐢 I lasted for 50 minutes, which was quite ok.
    After a break and lunch we went to second dive, this time to turtle heaven. As the name itself tells, there were lots of turtles! So many! And while diving suddenly we hears a big baaang. All fish moved (whole school of them shot straight into the blue in the deeper parts) for a second and then went back to usual business. Turned out it was some 3.3 earthquake, pretty normal for these parts 😃 Cooool 🤙Also saw lobsters, pufferfish, boxfish,...
    Now we're chilling on beach. Gili Air was nice with all the orange cats (everywhere), live music at night and rainbows over Lombok - yep did have some occasional short rain past days but fine. Tomorrow we go back to Bali and having a flight to Flores on Monday morning, more diving yay! 🥰
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  • Day22

    Yes mom, we're still alive 😃

    September 9 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    After Bali we went to Gili air. Tiny island next to Lombok and it takes an hour and a half by a speed boat. It's kinda cool you can still see Bali's volcano from here. Basically wheh you swim you can see them everywhere 😃
    Gili is nice, chilled, no cars. It's more touristic than we thought, no more a hippie island but stil relaxed. You can see that business is down and affected by corona 😕 But less tourists more fun (at least for us). Here it's all about diving and good food. Food overall in Indonesia is really really awesome! Maybe a bit too much western offerings but still fine.
    Lili's ears are finally okay, she's happy as a bird again ❤️ Yesterday we went diving, only one for me since I had to work. I saw sharks! And turtles! They are so cool. Can't wait for new dives tomorrow, today I'm working local time and Lili in meantime dives. This afternoon my time off starts again 💪 So hopefully I'll post more pictures again and for sure I'll dive more! Next week it's Flores time and that means islands, dragon and dives 🐠🐟🐬🌞
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    Good to hear from you again

    Marko Bratkovič

    Work week (and dive week for Lili), photos of me working a boring and nothing to say, and we don't have underwater camera 😂


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