A 18-day adventure by Marko
  • Day18

    Jordan, you were awesome!

    November 6, 2021 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Waking up at 2am, saying goodbye to the most wonderful girl I've just met. Going home is always hard. But I think this is just the beginning of something... 😉

    Airport, sleepy as hell. 7 hours in Istanbul, traditionally going to Burger King on airport. Of course 😂 Finally made it to Venice and off to Ljubljana, straight to a party 😃

    Traveling is one of the lost wonderful things. Not because we use it to chill from work. We use it to meet the people, meet the world, meet the cultures. Jordan is one pretty amazing country, really nice people, wonderful nature and interesting history. Petra was no doubt the highlight. I cannot see hummus for a while now but other than that - I love Arabic food. There is still much to discover here so these parts will certainly see me again 😊
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  • Day17

    Last day 😶

    November 5, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Last day of Jordan for me. So first thing in the morning was a trip to airport for a pcr test. I wouldn't mind staying for longer but work awaits.
    After the test me and Lilian went to the town again, walking around, teas, food, having a chill day again. We ended up in the same café as the day before. The cats were waiting already for us, haha. We spent whole afternoon talking and laughing, ended up on the roof of some bar for some tea and shisha. Wrapping my thoughts about the trip. And preparing to leave not just Jordan but also Lilian behind, goodies are never good. But it's not over yet. We've decided to go to dinner. We had to walk far and when we reached the restaurant they were closing. Noooo. But some random guy came to us and asked what we wanted so we said food. He invited us to drive with him and he'll show us where to eat good. Awesome!
    He drove us around, explained us all about Madaba, himself, the restaurant he's just opening, really nice person. We said we want rice and chicken so we went to one bad that makes best rice - I got to taste like 3 rices to pick one. Then we drove to another part to get some shish kebab / chicken. For all we paid like 3€ 😂 In the end we said goodbye to the guy and went home, set the dinner on balcony with candles and all 😊
    We had a wonderful night, but were getting said that trip is coming to an end. But hey, this only ends this trip, who knows how all this with Lilian will continue 😉
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  • Day16


    November 4, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    In early morning it was time to leave for Madaba. We took the regular bus, small, packed, full of locals being interested in us haha. Driving in Jordan is so nice, seeing endless deserts, each being different color. After 2 hours or so we came to Madaba. Well, close to it. The thing is they just stop on the highway and out you go. It was either getting off the highway and hitch hike or something but I started talking to some guys there and one offered us a ride pretty cheap. And before we knew it we were in Madaba 😊
    This is a nice city, all the streets with bars and restaurants. We spent the whole day walking around and finally stopped at this great café Lilian found online. Really chill garden, lots of cats, great coffee, teas, sandwiches. We just chilled for the whole day. We sat, we talked, putting cats off the table all the time, they are so lovely! This café also has a library, really one of the nicest cafés ever.
    In the evening I tried to get the pcr to be able to fly home and guess what - results take 3 days! And I leave in 2? Problem!
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  • Day15

    Dana is amazing

    November 3, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    In the morning we went for a sunrise view. Pretty amazing seeing whole valley waking up, all the colors, donkeys having breakfast 😃 We did some walking around and went to a bar for grab some water and maybe a snack. But was met with a nice offer - we can either eat there or go for a trip down in the valley with a guide, just for some extra payment. Hell yeah!
    The guy picked us up in a jeep and drove us around, the scenery is amazing! The colors are just crazy. Shortly he stopped and it was time to walk. We had soooo much fun, there are caves where people used to live, beautiful rock formations, sheep,... The guide showed us many things then went to a ledge to prepare us a lunch! He made fire, cooked eggplant and tomatoes, tasty fresh bread, sooo good. Sitting in the middle of nowhere, eating with the view of sheeps below and ancient huts/caves. Priceless! This park is quite awesome, yet easily missed by tourists 😊
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  • Day14


    November 2, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    We had time to kill and country to see. So we came up with a plan: Dana (natural reserve) and Madaba town, which is also near airport.
    Way to Dana was interesting. We used local bus and were a bit of attraction to younger passengers 😃 It's a 3 hour drive and then they just throw you out in some village. Greeeat. We though we'd have to walk for couple kms and already switched shoes... so this guy comes and offers us a ride. Turns out - he's the owner of a hotel we booked! So nice. Soon we reached this tiny village with big canyon behind it. And the nature around it is just breathtaking.
    People are so nice in Jordan. Owner saw us sitting outside of hostel and just gave us bread, fresh cheese and told us to pick up fresh tomatoes from the ground. Yumm-ee! This is proper food haha. Since it was closer to sunset we went on edge of canyon to watch it. Sooo wonderful, so many colors,... Jordan never stops to surprise. Or as locals say often - "Welcome to Jordan" 😊
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    še nisi doma? pridi na dež 😀

  • Day12

    Scuba diving 🐠🐟🐡

    October 31, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Some chill&work days by the sea. What else to say. Because I extended my trip of course I had some work to do. It sure takes time to get synced back and to turn the brain back to thinking in code 🤣 I was coding. I so wanted to do the open water Padi license but ... work and diving would leave me not much time to relax. But I'm doing that in Thailand next time or something.
    And yes, we went diving. Lilian did her advanced open water diving license and I was allowed to join on one dive. It was AMAZING! So many fish, such serenity and silence under water. Wherever you look there is some different fish or whatever that thingy things down there are 😊
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  • Day10

    Aaand to Aqaba

    October 29, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    After morning coffee, breakfast and goodbies we headed back to village and hired a taxi to take us to Aqaba's south beach. It was time to chill for few days near the Red sea. Aaaand they have this diving center in the resort so of course we signed up! Since Jordan is so great... I changed my plane ticket to just stay here for one more week, do some remote work (still, business doesn't wait).
    In the evening we went to Aqaba town, we were starving so we order everything. So much that the waiter was like "maaaaybe that's too much" 😂 It was good but too much haha. The only thing left to do was just go to town's beach and chill. We were amazed how peaceful and calm it was. Everybody ring chilled, families talked, no one on phone, no drinking and yelling like this would be in Europe (just sayin', no complains). Dead tired just went home 😴
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  • Day8

    Day trip in Wadi Rum

    October 27, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Oh it's jeep and hiking and desert time!
    OP, this cool Canadian dude and a Chinese lady joined us on a trip. And what a trip it was! 🤘
    So after breakfast we first had a stop near some mountain where water comes from. We did a little hiking to like half the way. Luckily we had proper shoes. Next up was a sand dune, ti which we walked up to get this crazy view. So nice. And there was this natural bridge also. So many photo moments 😊 It's just insanely beautiful. Made me think like a week ago I was in foggy office and now - the desert! This planet is just so beautiful, we really need to take better care of it. We can do it! 💪
    After lunch it was time to see where Laurence of Arabia was filmed. Aaaand more hiking to high places to take photos haha. There are also canyons we walked through, PO went sand boarding while me and Lillian laughed at this funny family with little kids commanding their dad how to board "don't you know what LEFT mean?!". Hilarious 😂 Yeah, this is a note for my memory haha
    Day ended with another great sunset. The colors of everything are just crazy. This is really such rainbow country 😊
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  • Day8

    Wadi rum , the desert

    October 27, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Sadly we had to say goodbye to Petra. We could easily spend another day or two here. But it was time to move on. 😌
    The hostel booked us a car to drive to Wadi Rum. It's just an hour ride to get to the village and Mohammed was waiting for us already. With a jeep. Funtimes ahead! 😎
    We drive for about 20 minutes into the desert to the campsite. Mohammed is the owner and a really funny guy. He runs the camp and is really happy tourists are coming back. He also has this chef that makes awesome food, some stuff with beans and tomato, no idea what is called though. And they loved my tobacco haha.
    We had our own tent and after some nap we went walking into desert. I also had to make burpies video for Primož, our hiit coach. Desert is so nice. And quiet. Not a sound nowhere. We found this nice place to watch the sunset. And make a timelapse of it. Later we found Mohammed was searching for us. As seen on video 😂
    Evening ended up with campfire talks, lots of tea and watching night stars in the desert. So nice and peaceful.
    And tomorrow - it's a daytrip go desert day 😊
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  • Day7

    Petra is just 🤯

    October 26, 2021 in Jordan ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Of course you need more than a day in Petra. Everything less should be illegal 😃 We went go visit Little Petra. It's a similar town, way smaller though. So the plan was to see it in 15 minutes. It's a quick walk through, but we found this awesome café and the driver wasn't impressed that we took a whole hour 😊 But it was just so nice and we met this guy who was playing this instrument made of sheep. See pics 😊
    You can go to the Monastery either through Petra or the back entrance, which means no tourists and lots of desert. Hiking time! So while you walk you meet kids selling you donkey rides, you meet locals and you can sit and drink tea with them! So nice 😊 You basically come from outside to the inside of Petra by walking on stairs, hills, rocks, you name it. And views you see on the way are just amazing! There are actually chairs on the way where viewpoints are. And nice bedouins selling you tea, "original coins" and offer you a burning wood when you ask for a fire to light a smoke 😂 Oh, and goats be there too. Of course. It's such a wonderful trek, so much beauty, the journey is more worthwhile than the destination ❤️ Don't get me wrong, Monastery is wonderful and HUGE!
    Every day can be such priceless and beautiful beyond expectations. Jordan just never stops giving. I love this place 😊
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