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  • Dec20

    Bollywood, barber, food and markets

    December 20, 2019 in India ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Last full day in Varanasi. Someone said the sooner you get into Indian vibe the sooner you start enjoying it so, like past days, we had another easy day. We did some photoshoots of some doctor's son with Matjaž on a renewed old hotel right near main ghat. This was pretty fun. We all are into making good photos, comparing them, we kinda have this spontaneous competition who makes best photos 😃 But it's so easy in Varanasi, everywhere you look you find something beautiful 😊
    Since there is a good street barber and Matjaž decided to get his beard done I also got mine shaved. So nice! And you get a head massage in the end, this felt soooo good!
    We wanted to go to some temple also but some Indian dude keeps following is all day every day to show us that temple to earn some money from us. So we just took a riksha and drove to the other part to another ghat. But there were some protests going on from Muslims, walking on streets, police and army everywhere, ... Not that it was dangerous or anything but roads were full of people walking so riksha driver had to find way around them... in one moment we were in the middle of the street waiting for protesters to pass by so we could continue our ride. Government turned off the internet so I’m writing this offline 🤨
    We wanted to go to some Italians place with great garlic, onion and mushroom pizzas, and best of all - amazing apple pies, so so good 😋
    I love such easy days... ended up with some photoshootings in some huge abandoned building with temples, getting some beers and finally some pancakes.
    Off to Jaipur tomorrow, fly time! 🛫
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    Gertraud M

    Great pic! Maybe you win the contest 😉.