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  • Day66

    Sahara Desert

    November 7, 2016 in Morocco ⋅ ☁️ 81 °F

    After 2 days of traveling in a 17 passenger bus with a few scenic stops along the way we reached the Sahara Desert! Quickly the silence and beauty of the desert justified the 2 day bus ride.

    We rode camels for an hour and a half as the sun was setting through the rolling dunes of the desert. The views were never ending and the vastness of the desert was humbling and tranquil.

    It was dark by the time we arrived to our camp site and of all things that could possibly happen-it started raining! I mean pouring actually which caught even our local guides by surprise. The rain did put a damper on the experience but it also made it cozier as we enjoyed a communal dinner and shared stories with fellow travelers in our tents.

    The next morning we were awoken at 4:30am to our saturated tent dripping from the corners but thankfully we didn't get wet! The wakeup call was 6am and shortly after we were on our camels with the sun slowly rising as we took in a new landscape full of the most amazing orange color ever! Since it rained heavily, the sand was compacted and still which created untouched dunes perfect for picture taking!

    Once we got off the surprisingly comfortable camels we had a quick breakfast and got back in the van for the journey back to Marrakech. This was the longest day because we had to drive 12 hours back but it was ok because we met some great people on the tour that we had spent the last 3 days with and became friends learning about different countries and cultures.
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