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  • Day41

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    February 2, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We took a short flight from Bangkok to northern Thailand and really enjoyed the few days we spent there. It was somewhat touristy like many reviews warned, however there were plenty of chances to avoid the tourist scene and enjoy roaming the laid back streets throughout the town.

    Our first adventure was through a company called Something Different Tours, and it did not disappoint. This was a full day off-road motorbike tour. We were a bit skeptical of the tour at first, but once we picked up our lunch at a local market and got off the paved roads, we really had fun! It was just the two of us on a moped, with a guide in front and a guide in back. There were a few dicey spots where I thought the moped was going to break from the giant holes in the dirt path, a few times the moped couldn't make it up the steep hills in the lowest gear, and a few times Rupal hung on for her life, but it was a successful trip and a memorable one including stops at waterfalls and a hill tribe that live without electricity and cannot come to the main town because they aren't citizens of the country instead migrants from China who live their lives hunting and gathering to survive; yet some how they were very welcoming and seemed happy.

    The next day was just as memorable spent at an elephant orphanage. We learned a lot about Asian vs. African elephants and had a blast feeding them and washing them. We highly recommend this experience, especially at a place that treats the animals well. I would love to rescue an abused elephant, but unfortunately they cost $60k and eat/poop nonstop. There were a total of 3 elephants including a 2 year old baby elephant that was adorable and full of mischievous energy constantly venturing all over the complex, eating planted flowers and giving everyone a good laugh.

    We went back into town and enjoyed an hour massage, costing about $5.50 each that included some traditional Thai massage moves like walking on our backs and stretching us in some crazy wrestling-like moves. Every night there we had some amazing food as well including a few new favorite dishes we hadn't tried before in the US.

    This rounded up a few memorable days in Thailand and look forward to getting back to the islands near the end of our trip.
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