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  • Day77

    A walk through Sofia

    August 14 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today, we had a bit of a different day as we visited Sofia. We took the metro which was very convenient. The city was surprisingly empty, we felt like the only tourists around. I guess that's the positive thing about travelling in Corona times...
    We spent the whole morning exploring the uncountable churches and other religious buildings, impressive palace-like hotels and government buildings and huge green parks with interesting war monuments. With temperatures around 30°C,we were happy to find many shadowy places under the trees.
    At several spots, we saw people in tents who are peacefully protesting against the Bulgarian government system from what we understood from those few English signs.
    When it got even hotter in the afternoon, we went to a bike shop to buy a couple of pedals and new chains and headed back to the campground for some bike maintenance. We finished the day with a bbq.
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