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  • Day182

    Last cycling tour with Michl

    March 7, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Michl's last day of cycling has already come. In the morning, we were all a little tired, as the owners of the hostel had talked loudly until late. We got breakfast in a roadside restaurant next to our hotel. The first course was a fish soup - Michl's facial expression says everything... None of us could eat more than a small spoon to give it at least a try. The second course was eggs with fried platano, rice, cheese and a sausage. Pretty standard, nothing real tasty, but I imagine that it's also quite difficult to cook with thos scarcity of water or get fresh groceries.
    After breakfast, we cycled 40km to Magangué, a very busy town next to Magdalena River. It was quite difficult to cycle in between hundreds of motorcycles and some horse carts. In Magangué, we tried to sell Michl's bike. He had decided to not cycle all the way to Mompox with us, but take some transportation. However, we weren't lucky as most of the shops did not buy second hand bikes. And the only guy who did, did not have any money on him today to buy it.
    So we decided to give it another try in Mompox. Inorder to get there, we had to cross the river. We took the ferry and - thank you Colombia again - it was free for bikes. We even had something to see as at the other side one of the big construction machines had fallen half way into the river and couldn't get moved anymore.
    Anyways, we found a collective taxi for Michl and his bike (they just tied it to the roof) and cycled the remaining 40km to Mompox.
    Here we were pretty successful: we first got a bus ticket for Michl to Bogotá leaving tomorrow, then sold his bicycle (we are expecting the second half of the payment tomorrow, as the lady did not have enough money today) and found an AirBnB in an old colonial style building for a decent price.
    After a shower, we went for a stroll through UNESCO world heritage town and cooked a final dinner together. It's a very nice town with beautiful colonial style architecture, so we are looking forward to some more exploring tomorrow morning.
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