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  • Day183

    1/2 year out and about

    March 8, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    6 months ago, we borded our plane to Vancouver. Half a year and thousands of experiences later, we are in Colombia - hard to believe.
    Today, we had a bit of a sleep in. We wanted to take Michl to the bus which wouldn't leave before 12:30, so we had some time.
    First, we explored this amazingly beautiful little town. In the morning, the light was great for photos and it was only 30°C, so still fresh for the conditions here. We also bought a hammock in a local market (not a touristy one) which we Michl is taking to Germany for us. In the market, they had a green parrot. As we see heaps of them here, but can't see them on our photos due as they "hide" in the green trees, we took the photo in the supermarket. We spent the rest of the morning in our AirBnB and I gave some hints to our hosts how to improve his website. Also, Tatiana who bought Michl's bike came by to pay some more of her debts. In the end, she still missed to pay some 15$ which she couldn't organize from anyone within a day. But there weren't really many options to sell the bike to anyone else.
    By noon, we went to the bus station and said goodbye to Michl. Great to have friends who come to the other side of the world and share a part of your lifetime experience with you!
    Herbert and me then took of to cycle to Guamal where we wanted to stay for the night. It was only about 33km away, but in the midday heat a bit of a fight. Plus, the road turned first into a gravel road with many potholes and then even into a sand road, which didn't make cycling any easier. Luckily, there was no traffic so we could ziczac around the potholes which was faster than some trucks could go.
    In Guamal, there was nothing. So after a cold sugary soda and a cake (celebrating 6 months out and about), we decided to continue to El Banco. We feared a sandy bumpy road, but luckily, they had just built a perfectly smooth new road after 4km. So cycling in the heat with a continuous headwind in our face was tough, but doable on the flat delta area of Magdalena River. A young boy with his brother on the bike raced us for a while which was a fun distraction.
    In El Banco, we stayed in the first hotel we could find and cooked dinner in the room before going to bed early.
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    Jim Cochran

    We are still thinking about you daily and wishing you the best! Lisa and I have tickets booked to Rome on May 17 and plan to ride about 30 days to Barcelona. Hopefully the Covid-19 does not prevent out travels. Take care and hugs from Iowa! Jim and Lisa

    Meike Grothe

    Sounds like a great route! Crossing fingers that Covid-19 does not prevent you from doing so. Some Central American countries already prevent Germans from entering. I hope we can continue our trip as planned. Big higs from Colombia!