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  • Day190


    March 15, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    The advantage of taking it slowly due to an uncertain situation is that we have more time to explore. So today, we cycled to Barichara, a village North of San Gil. The road was paved with few traffic, so we could enjoy the 500m climb followed by a 400m downhill through the mountains, passing some really nice farm houses.
    In Barichara, we could leave our bikes at the sister hostal of our hostal in San Gil. This enabled us to walk around the village - far better than on bikes as some roads were steep and there were cobblestones everywhere.
    All houses were painted in white, which looked really beautiful. We saw the central square, the church, a chapel, the rock art park with some sculptures and the impressive cemetery. As Barichara is famous for its rock artists, most of the gravestone include a piece of art such as angels but also a football, hats, books or even a guitar.
    As it was quite hot, we decided to take a local bus to Guane. It's a little further North of Barichara, only 8km but 500m lower in elevation. Here we tried Sabajón, a drink of whisky mixed with milk, and the local icecream. The museum was closed during lunch hours, so we skipped it.
    While we were waiting for the bus back to Barichara, there was a public announcement through loudspeakers on the main square. They were going to close the museum to protect the village from tourists bringing in Corona. He is generally right, of course, but as the major of the village repeated this about 20 times, it was a weird feeling sitting there as an obvious tourist with locals staring at you.
    Luckily, the bus arrived 5 minutes later, we went back to Barichara and rode back to San Gil from there. Grocery shopping, dinner at the hostel and route planning for tomorrow before going to sleep.
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