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  • Day50

    Day 50 - Geneva to Montreux, 58 miles

    June 4, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    50 days up and what an experience it's been so far and still plenty to see and do!!!

    Day 50 was a mixed bag (quite literally) on the bike today. Great ride round Lake Geneva to the very affluent area of Montreux. Love riding at weekends as you really see the small towns and villages in all their glory as everywhere seems to have something on. Today there was a 1920's festival (stayed and watched the show for a bit, can't think why!!), an antique markets, a car show, a fun fair and lots more little events and markets. Also amazing seeing some of the houses around Lake Geneva, some serious money in this little country. Can see why UEFA headquarters have their headquarters nestled on the lake here.

    Didn't really get a good view of the mountains around the lake until the evening when the clouds cleared in Montreux and wow what a setting. Very jealous of the one guy out on his boat.

    The mixed bag part of the day was catching one of my panniers on a broken road barrier and ripping it off the rack and breaking the catch on the bag. After a few choice words shouted across the lake I needed to work out how to fix this as this was going to be a big issue with no way of hooking the pannier back on bike. Luckily due to a bit of advice given to me almost in passing by a guy in a bike shop back in London I remembered I'd packed some cable ties. Those little bits of plastic saved the day and with pannier now (permanently) back on the bike I was able to crack on.
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